ADHD Food Fix

The Food Fix
Dietary changes may improve the symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity in ADHD kids. More...

> How to cook up an ADHD-friendly diet.

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Punished for ADHD Behavior
"My kindergartner is being suspended regularly for ADHD behavior related. They pulled the IEP and won't implement it again. What now?"
Social Anxiety
"I consider myself quite outgoing. However, when I'm around a group of people I know, I get social anxiety. It doesn't seem to make sense. Help."

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ADHD Feels Like...

Like planning for the future while sinking in quicksand.

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School not complying with IEP, child's anxiety through the roof!
My 12 year old son is just about at crisis. Sorry, I know that this is long but I am looking…


Central Indiana Discussion Group
Is anyone aware of a group in central Indiana/Indianapolis for non-ADD spouses?  I’d like to hear about strategies that worked (and…


Need advice on parenting
My teenage daughter was diagnosed with ADHD but is not hyper. She’s a good kid, but often forgets a lot, mumbles…


ADHD therapist Madison, WI?
Hi, I’m looking for a therapist or psychiatrist who knows a lot about adult ADHD and treating it in the Madison,…

Diane C.

Non-ADHD spouse suppport group in NC
Is anyone aware of a support group for non-ADHD spouses in NC?  In particular, Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Durham, but…


Newby ADHD 7 year old
My seven year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD inattentive.  He has just started Vyvance 30 mg.  He gets dizzy…

Mindy Kay

ADHD Support Group in Omaha, Nebraska?
Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD.  My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed 3 years ago, and through the…


Fixing Past Mistakes in Relationships
I have hurt so many people because of my procrastination, shame and then not dealing with things. Last Christmas I bought…

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