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Child Doesn't Care
"How does a parent manage a child who doesn't seemed phased or bothered by their behaviors? My forgetful student doesn't care."
Medication is Bittersweet
"ADHD medication has allowed me to finally be happy, but the hyperfocus that comes with it is causing some new problems."

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Hi All.  I have a question about medication.  I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and suddenly everything that I have struggled…


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I’m new to this board and I’m seeking some input.  My son is 2.7 (which I know is too young for…


Research articles
I am new to this forum, so maybe there are research articles on this website somewhere, and I am not finding…


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How do you keep your ADD kids focused at practices and games/meets?  After trial and error, we found that my ADD…


Is it worth going through
I am 33 years old now is worth getting this sorted out?


What kind of help I can ask for?
I was diagnosed with ADD last year and now I am back to my university with accessibility help. I get distraction…


Risperdal any comments or suggestions
Doctor is recommending my 7yo son take .5 of risperdal does anyone have any experience with this drug ...My son is…

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