Celebrities with ADHD

Celebs with ADHD
They haven't let ADHD prevent them from making a name for themselves, and neither should you! More...

> Celebs who've made it big with ADHD.

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Need help?
Do my kids still need their 504 Plans in middle school?
"My daughters are headed to middle school and I'm afraid their 504 Plan calls attention to them and will make it difficult socially. Do we keep it?"
Bad Driver
"My distractibility and inattentiveness make me a dangerous driver. How do I improve behind the wheel to make driving safer?"

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Medication not working - HELP!
Hi, My 7 year old son has recently been started on meds for his ADHD. He first tried Ritalin, which was…


As I’m learning more and more about ADD, I’ve learned more about hypersensitivity with ADD, or HSP. This really fascinates me…


seeking families with teens with ADHD for article
Hi, I am a Bellingham, WA freelance writer working on an article for a Seattle parent magazine, and I’m seeking a…


seeking families with teens with ADHD for article
Hi, I am a Bellingham freelance writer working on an article for a Seattle parent magazine, and I’m seeking a couple…


How to tell if 2 year old might have ADHD?
Hi!  I have ADHD, and so do my mom and my brothers.  My two year old son is doing things that…


Anybody here?
Hey!  I noticed there hasn’t been any recent activity on this board - is anybody still here?


How To Deal with Embarrassment of Social Behavior
I recently started dating someone that has adult ADHD. We get along, share many of the same values, want the same…

Ms. Riley

Neurofeedback option?
Just wondering if anyone has had the experience of their physician mentioning neurofeedback for ADHD?  The American Journal of Pediatrics just…

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