Seven Types of ADHD

7 Types of ADHD
ADD comes in different forms, says Dr. Amen. Find out which kind you have, and the best approach to treating it. More...

> Find out which kind of ADHD you have.

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Hating School
"My ADHD child is only in 4th grade but she is already vocalizing how much she 'hates' school. How can I change her mind about school?"
Anxiety and ADHD
"When around others, I start to feel inferior, get nervous, and then perform poorly because my mind is spinning. What can I do?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

Like my brain is a computer that never boots up.

Ah Ke

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Don't ask why.
This isn’t really a question.  I’ve been reading the discussions here and would like to contribute. I’m a man who’s been…


Recommendations near Laurel or Columbia, Maryland?
Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist in or near Laurel or Columbia, who takes insurance?


Adderall and / or conserta
Thoughts and opinions, stories, experiences for each please.


non-stimulant meds? due to high anxiet
So my son was just diagnosed with NLD, nonverbal learning disorder.  He was diagnosed with ADHD years ago.  Now the question…


Support Group in Indy area
Anyone interested in creating a small group that would get together once or twice a month. Can discuss ideas and share…


Looking for a K-8 school for my 7yr old
Hi - my 7 yr old daughter who has ADHD is being asked by her general school setting to explore the…


Does the "acceptance" piece take time to digest?
Hello! I am a spouse of a partner who has been diagnosed with ADHD one month ago. We have been married…


looking for adult local group to attend
any local group in MP/charleston sc to attend in person?

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