Parenting a Defiant Child

Strategies for managing and treating an angry, defiant child. More...

> How to parent your defiant child.

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Defiance at School
"My son is often in trouble for not listening and following directions or being off task. An individual behavior chart isn't working. What now?"
Does ADHD doom me to career failure?
"I have had career success but have lost many jobs to ADHD symptoms. Is it possible to be successful in the workforce if you have ADHD?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

The question I'm asking is: What does it feel like to be normal?


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I am having a hard time holding it together lately with my 12 year old and feel like I am constantly…


Anyone tried TDCS devices?
I just found out about Transcranial direct current stimulation - TDCS which is being claimed helpfull in impoving attention/focusing by stimulating…


Forgetment and violence.
I am a bit new to having an adhd kid. But recently my 6 year old has been forgetting lots of…

Nancy Jo

Self esteem and confidence
I am 65, I was diagnosed with ADHD about 20 years ago.  The medication I take works well for me.  My…


Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with Amphetarol?
I was looking for opinions and good or bad experiences with the alternative supplement Amphetarol? I’ve only heard good things about…


loosing and forgetting things
Hi, I am new to riding the bus in my community and the last couple times I rode it I left…

Princess Anne

Tired of Being Fat and Unable To Change My Habits
I have been overweight all my life but find exercise to be too slow a process to weight loss and I…

Princess Anne

Must Get Organized
I have recently promoted and need to control my ADD habits for success at work and in my personal life.  I’ve…

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