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    <p>Shannon Dechant </p>
    Just another mom with an ADHD kid…..I think….

    Adopted a kid from foster care. He was born with poor prenatal health, exposed to multiple substances. Positive for cocaine at birth. More from My ADHD Child

    <p>Ilonka </p>
    how do one trigger a teen (boy, 15yrs) to ‘try to cooperate’?

    I am stepmom to a 15 year old ADD boy (Grade 7). I(tm)ve googled a lot to try and familiarise myself with all aspects of ADD.  “Gary” is using prescribed medication and it(tm)s working well for him ” when he actually uses it. The ‘short(tm) version of the situation: Gary and his sister differs 2 years.  They stay with their mom and visit us once a week and every second weekend.  My husband (Gary(tm)s dad) is mostly working from home, so when it(tm)s exam time he picks up Gary after the examination session to help him study at home where his dad assist him in detail, not just supervise. My Husband tend to use this remark: Gary has ADD, so he forgets to take his meds, and then forgets that he forgot to take his meds… Which means that the responsibility of Gary taking his meds is always up to everyone else in the household but Gary.  Obviously this causes tension between everyone, but Gary cruse through it all despite all the thunderstorms that breaks out around him. I think that Gary is old enough to figure out some of these things… and at this stage I sometimes think that he uses it as an excuse to hide behind. I(tm)ve really tried to do the routine-thing and the try to eat right-thing as suggested on the web, but it never lasts.  Gary(tm)s mom and dad still gives him what he ask for and my comments on more nutritional food flies out the window.  I(tm)m beginning to think that my frustration is actually more with the parents than with Gary ” I am the stepmom, so for them I(tm)m being bitchy and I(tm)m bullying Gary with all the ‘rules and regulations(tm) I want to apply.  It mostly feels like I(tm)m the only one trying and the other 2 adults don(tm)t really bother.  Needless to say that Gary and I don(tm)t have any relationship (my point of view), because why would he put up with me if his mom and dad allows stuff.  I think they do think that it(tm)s important, but it(tm)s too much detail to get in to on a daily basis and it(tm)s easier to let each day just go as ‘normal as possible(tm).  I don(tm)t pity Gary, but I do feel sorry that someday he will get that light-bulb moment of ‘maybe I should have at least tried(tm).  Maybe I(tm)m just doing it all wrong… More from My ADHD Child

    <p>Sharon Burey </p>
    ADHD Awareness Day Windsor, Ontario, October 16,2014

    ADHD Awareness Month Event More from ADHD Survival Tips

    <p>felnando </p>
    I dont know what to do anymore

    I’m Screwed More from ADHD Survival Tips

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