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ADHD Journal: Adult ADHD Life

‘Bird’s Eye View’
Filed Under: Adult ADD

‘Bird €(tm)s Eye View’

Okay, so I could do this all day long I think but then, it sounds too exhausting to even try to remember all of the ramblings going on inside this head.  My Name is irrelevant, but just for other purposes, I guess so you can try to get a visual, I €(tm)m a 42yr. old female with a bachelor €(tm)s degree in basically nothing, as I like to say.  I have one child that because of my own anxiety, irritability, and depression, bla-blah, is the work of at least four children.  Also, I forgot to mention that I €(tm)m married, to a man that, for some reason, loves me (still) for the exact reasons I drive him totally crazy. Let €(tm)s just say that he thinks I €(tm)m a train wreck on purpose, I guess, because he doesn €(tm)t believe that anyone can be that loony/silly, call it want you want. Oh, by the way, he €(tm)s a Libra, if that means anything to you. For those who haven €(tm)t had the privilege €” they hate to be late. It doesn €(tm)t even matter what the supposed €˜event €(tm) is.  You, fellow procrastinators and ADDer €(tm)s know just what kind of habitual problem this can be.  For those of you who don €(tm)t understand, I believe most timely persons would call it €˜Poor time management €(tm).  By the way, saying that last phrase to someone who has ADD/ADHD is like telling a person who is physically disabled, that it is all in his or her mind. 
As a young adult, I just knew that I was special.  My friends would make up nick-names for me like, €˜Spacey Tracy €(tm) and my mother would call me €˜Mouth €(tm), I think mostly because I was interruptive, and did not like to wait.  As of currently, I still have no patience, and continue my interruptive ways because otherwise, I €(tm)ll forget what I was going to say. That bug €(tm)s me because it makes me seem like an airhead and also because my thoughts are terribly insightful, and I wouldn €(tm)t want anybody to do without my wisdom.  I do, after all, spend a lot of time just €˜thinking €(tm) also called €˜Spacing Off €(tm) but again, whatever you prefer.  That reminds me, that if I could just find the right job, where I could make money thinking grandiose thoughts and contemplating the fate of mankind, but never have to finish what I start, coupled with pointing out the obvious flaws in the world around me- would be spectacular! Unfortunately, it would be my luck that I am most likely to be over qualified for that one, so I guess I €(tm)ll just continue to ponder. 

Tracy Brown
Gladstone, Mo.

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