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ADHD Journal: My ADHD Child

3 weeks and counting
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Well, we are 3 weeks into our diagnosis of ADHD in our son and we don’t have an appointment with the Pedi Doc and Counselor until August. For now we are on our own trying to figure out what works for our son and what doesn’t work. So for now, I am searching and researching online for as much help as I can. 
What I have found is that we need to tweak our sons diet somewhat which happens to be a good thing in the long run. We (hubby and I) are learning by trial and error and we found out the hard way that our son had to much sugar yesterday and that is what triggered his out bust and the day before. We also need to get very educated on ADHD and how to raise our son, so for now we have to go to the library to check out books and reading online for resources.
We are waiting to hear from our local CHADD Organization for additional resources.

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