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ADHD Journal: My ADHD Child

Just another mom with an ADHD kid…..I think….
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He’s NINE now. Nine years of insanity. NINE more to go…......

My biological child has suffered from his behavior. My marriage frayed and broke ( the challenge of parenting this child contributed for certain).

He’s handsome and smart. Makes friends, is on track at a private school (but I am seeing dyslexia rearing its ugly head). Great at sports. NEVER reads. Great at math.

The ODD has always been so strong I dont know any different. Saying NO to every request. Lying. Defying me for no reason. Stubborn. Has to be on his terms. One more minute mom? Five more? Always moving so fast that his writing is barely legible, his chores are done so sloppily.

We got 3 meds a day prescribed when he was 6. I truthfully say it probably saved us from having to disrupt his adoption. Because our house was chaos from his failure to control his body or his emotions even a little bit. Two years of occupational therapy while we thought it was sensory processing disorder. Timeouts were PURE HELL. We gave up on those by age 5 when he got stronger than us. Meltdowns and tantrums over every thing.

He is quiet now when the Metadate is effective. He falls asleep at 830 when the Clondine works. He focuses on an electronic screen without annoying anyone else. I love him, despite the challenges he faces. Because i know this is rough for him. Its not his fault. He’s not affectionate or cuddly. Im his mother, I have to make us all survive this.

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