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Xbox One Tour hits London in November
Filed Under: ADHD Treatment

Microsoft is striking the road using the Xbox One. To promote the console, it’s holding an Xbox One Tour, allowing you to get on the job with it and play some games ahead from the release. The tour starts on 1 October (that’s Tuesday),Here are some fun games and Buy OSRS Gold.If you like, please pay more attention to. and can hit a lot more than 75 cities within the US, Canada, and Europe. London, Dublin, and Glasgow are one of the tour’s stops.

The tour will reach these shores within the second 1 / 2 of November. For more info, head towards the UK page from the Xbox One Tour Website.According towards the US site, the One Tour has two parts: the Xbox One Test Drive, and Area One. Test Drive includes four trucks kitted out using the console. They’ll pull-up somewhere around, and let you get a game on. Area One, meanwhile, sounds a little more after-hours.

It’s described like a party, with “live music, live gameplay, and much more”, offering you as well as your friends the opportunity to “paint the city green”. It’s just for over-18s too. Blimey. I hope Microsoft doesn’t repeat its past form when it comes down to party entertainment.Microsoft hasn’t given dates for that Test Drive here within the UK. The Area One parties is going to be in Dublin from 14-17 November, and London from 21-24 November.

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