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Just told that the cancer i thought was taken care of last Jan2012 has metastised to my lymphatic system. None of this would be happening now if i had found a way to force my insurance company to pay for a second opinion & not put my faith in 1 Dr. Who Knew that his surgery hadnt gotten all the cancer cells. I begged him to go back & exsize more tissue until no more cells showed in the margins. He kept telling me he’d see me throughout the year & not to worry. I went back several times and asked him to at least do a PET scan. I am so frakin angry with myself for not pushing harder. Im angry at Obama’s dillusional insurance plan that has driven the prices of test too high befote its mantatory to carry insurance. Im angry at the Dr for not listening to me when i kept telling him something was wrong. Without a referal i couldnt get another Dr to take an appointment just to double check. Now one year later i have only a 60% chance when if he had gone back for the live cells the pathology report stated were there i would have been cured. Everyone assumed it was my ADD thatwas causing my obsesive behavior about the cancer. Two of my brothets had been diagnosed wirhin 1 year. We lost my older brother to a metatisd brain tumor 1 week after my surgery. My younger brother is still hanging in there,but he can’t get his oncologist to listen to him either. Must be Obama’s medicade screw ups on his. My mother now has three of her 4 children dealing with 3 different types of cancer. 1 has passed & she’s almost 81yrs old & very stressed about my younger brother now me. Having ADD on top of this with no one to answer my questions about what the treatments willdo to my meds is taking a higher toll. Maybe me writting a journal will help me figure out where to turn. My husband & i feel very alone. Everyone claims there are organizations to help ypu. We are retired on a fixed income. His retirement brings in less than $4,000.00 monthly. After taxes, health insurance. & living exspenses nothing is left. We are loosing our house to foreclosure & medical bills ate piling up. Most days now i just want to give up before i ruin him financially. Ive seen nothing but Obama’s so called help take us from middle class to poor house. If the president, vice president & senators with cccccongressmen pulling a salary even after leaving office with free medical care & cost of living increases added to their already millonare status for the rest of their lives was taken away & put back where it belongs with us taxpayers we wouldnt have such a deficet in social security that has been paid into by the largest baby boomer generation yet. We should have more than enough to handle us. Instead poloticians get richer & The taxpayer pays more while getting less. End the salaries for the people who ran our goverment into the poor house. No one else gets a 100% salery with FREE medical care from the best America can offer. Thats not my ADD talking. Just common sence. Im a nobody, but even i can see the politicians are out for themselves & dont give a rats ass about anyone else. I wish i felt better for ranting, but i don’t. Just more depressed & dont understand why people still get large sums of our tax dollars to run our country into bankruptcy.

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