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ADHD Journal: My ADHD Child

Having hard times
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That I wish I could help and fine things that would help her grow up and be able to move out some day on her own I guess that won’t be happening cause she is not able to be on her own every and needs help thing everyday life things you need to do and keep on doing it.she sleeps about 4 hours at night and yes she on med a lot for her age. She has a hard time keeping friends cause they don’t understand her. I have done a lot of things to try to improve her life and she even moved into my living room cause she said she can’t sleep in her room cause theres a spirit in her room upstairs so I let her move to the living room and I have no space of mine around the house to run excepted me room I made in the basement for me and my husband . We remodel are basement for the kids to have big rooms and we do toon the basement and just don’t understand what is fine on or what she wants from me or is….she dies have an brother that 15 and is hard on her cause I can’t get him to understand his sister disable she has and can’t help her self….

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