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ADHD Journal: Rants, Raves, Reviews

Its all happening at the same time….
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I had been diagnosed 5 months ago. I took it as a blessing as it answered most issues and struggles I’ve faced while growing up especially from my pre-teens to my early thirties.

I found this website some weeks ago but I finally only now found time to write on it. Stories, rants, topics and everything on this site has somewhat comforted and make me try to accept this is me and you surely aren’t alone. topics on medications, therapies, couching & supplements. Also, that I would be able to get help on here by reaching out and asking and sharing here. However, it has never been my ability to ask anyone for help as I have always been to embarrassed. I’ve been called lazy, irresponsible, ungrateful, disorganized, scattered, loose…. which at the beginning i choose to ignore and disregard as i knew i was trying soo very hard to do the normal things.

My struggles have been endless…. difficulty staying focus, making friends, messiness, socializing, procrastination, having a relationship.

Seems like its all in a massive boiling pot of soup. I don’t know where to begin. Im currently about to lose my job or have lost it… I really hope the company will make my payments to me. I have been under soo much stress, having anxiety attacks, migraines body aches and all this is throwing me worse into hibernation.

Loneliness and being misunderstood has made me an introvert. I hardly know where to start and what is going to be next. i hate sailing on this ocean without a compass or having any set goals.

When does it get better…as i have tried so many times…..

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