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ADHD Journal: Adult ADHD Life

Long time since update ..
Filed Under: Adult ADD, Women and ADD

Its been a long time since I have written any kind of journal ..  Things have changed alot since my last journal ,  just recently I had a Dr’s appointment with my family Dr.  I was shocked when I got up on the scale to see that I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last 7 months ,  did not like seeing that 164lbs up on the scale ,  given the fact that the last time I was at the Dr.‘s office I weight only 151lbs , that means I have gained 13lbs in the last 7 months .  To say the least being 164lbs at the age of 32 & only being 5’2 is not very good for me .  Of course seeing that I have gained quite a bit of weight , says that I need to start cutting back on my calories , cutting back snacking & eating those no no foods, especially of a night , on top of that learning to grocery shop better , eating low fat ,  having my sweets but go to sugar free stuff .  Finally I need to exercise 5 days a week , weather its walking the dog for a good hr or two , or walking the dog at BentCreek which is a local trail where we live ,  then there’s going 3 days a week with my husband to the gym & do some cardio ..    I know that if I don’t get my weight under control along with my eating , Im going to keep gaining weight , there for Im just sabataging my own health ..    Besides the weight ,  My Dr. diagnosed me with Acid Reflux , since I have been having heartburn constiently for the past yr or so ,  then there is the horrible pain in my right foot, which was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis ,  best treatment for that is a good pair of walking shoes along with a good pair of Dr. Scholls inserts .. Hopefully with the shoes & the inserts to support my arch ,  the Plantar Fasciitis will heal & this summer I can really exercise & get my weight down to a decent number where I feel good ..  I will be honest I don’t exzactly feel sexy or pretty at the weight that I am currentl at .. However!  my husband tells me all the time that Im sexy & beautiful .    Right now I am hoping that by the time I go back to the Dr. in March I will have lost at least 6-7lbs ..  Finally the last subject I discussed with my Dr. is the fact that my husband & I have been actively trying to get pregnant for the last 3 1/2 almost 4 yrs without any luck ,  I expressed to my Dr. that I have done the ovulation predictor kits , I have done the temp taking thing,  I keep track of my cycles & my husband & I try to do the baby dance during those fertile times of my cycles soo to increase our chances of getting pregnant .. Yet!  none of this has worked ,  Soo hopefully when I go back to the Dr. in March , me , my husband & the new Dr. Im seeing will all sit down & discuss what’s going on ...  I will be honest Im 32 & my husband is 33 ,  everyone arround me & my husband has child or are pregnant ,  as a matter of fact my husband’s childhood bestfriend & his wife are expecting their 2nd child , yet!  here we are still trying to have just one ..    All my husband & I want is a healthy baby ,  we are soo ready to being that chapter of our lives,  no we are far from rich,  however!  we’ve been married 11 1/2 yrs ,  we are as stable as you can get, not to mention we have a stable home,  a beautiful 3 bed/ 2 bath trailer ,  soo we have all the means to take care of a child ..

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