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ADHD Journal: My ADHD Child

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Living with a child with ADHD is a constant struggle. They say that consistency is very helpful to these kids - maybe because they are consistently challenging. His moods are so terribly erratic and he is like a dormant volcano that is waiting to erupt at a moment’s notice. Everything is boring and awful and smelly and rude and nothing is ever his fault - ever. Homework, chores, meal times are battles. I should put camo on my face every morning and slip on some fatigues and man my battle station at first light; I’m on dawn patrol with this kid.

But I keep at it. I keep trying different foods, vitamins, supplements, parenting tactics, behavioral modification, therapy - all in the name of him. I love this kid and will be his advocate and will always strive to help him thrive. This is why I insist on being persistent. The discouragement does and will always come. Life isn’t about unicorns and rainbows; there is no growth in perfection. I remind myself that it will never be about perfection - simply effort and always practicing. Practicing patience, practicing love, practicing consistency, practicing praise, practicing being positive. It is my only weapon and to me this battle is too important to lose.

I signed up for being persistent the day I decided I wanted a family. I didn’t know all that it would entail but I would do it over again to have him in my life. I will remain my son’s only and best advocate and I want him to know that more than anything, I ALWAYS love him. That is the ultimate battle - to have a loving, trusting relationship at the end of our crazy, moody, frustrating, fall-to-pieces days. I can’t control him or anybody else for that matter - only myself. This poor kiddo doesn’t have much control over himself, and that has got to be the toughest part for him. As long as I understand that and try to see life through his eyes, I can keep going. And I will.

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