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ADHD Journal: My ADHD Child

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Around the time when I finished college I had everything figured out. I had plans, ambitions, values, I knew who I was, and I liked myself. Then I started working and studying at a university and I felt like I was growing, developing, becoming “fuller”. After a few years I got married and had my daughter. After 8 years now I’m not sure about anything anymore. My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and anxiety and she is very challening. The diagnosis was a relief ... for a very short time. It just proved to me that I was not crazy or trying to put the blame on my daughter for the failing marriage and far from perfect family life, what my husband was accusing me for.
Now, I have a million questions, but I don’t know how to ask them, IF to ask them, and most important WHY to ask them. I know that everybody is going to give different, often contrasting advice, just like the people closest to me: my husband, my mom, my friends and our psychologist. And, everybody is convinced that they are giving the only RIGHT advice, and they get offended, frustrated with me or at best judgemental if I disagree.
At this point in my life I’m sure of only one thing - that I’m not sure of ANYTHING…

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