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ADHD Journal: Adult ADHD Life

Teen Life with ADHD and Anxiety Disorders
Filed Under: Adult ADD

Hi. My name is Cat and I am a fifteen year old girl who has been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. I have had some really hard times and some times when I just love life and everything that comes with it. Excuse my negativity but I am in a hard time right now.

Anyways, I was diagnosed with ADHD in grade two. I started on the medication Concerta in the beginning of grade 5. The bullying started in grade 6. I have always had a hard time keeping and maintaining friendships but from grades 6 - 8, school was pure hell for me. I had “friends” that would be my best buddy ever one day and then ditch me for someone cooler the next day. I was the loner and so halfway through grade 7 I changed schools. Yet, I did no better there. I had no friends at all and people made fun of me and called me a bitch because I sometimes didn’t always fully pay attention when people talked to me and I got really lonely and somewhat depressed so my Mom took me to see a psychologist. (I am still seeing her every monday for therapy for my PTSD.)

The psychologist helped me escape the clutches of depression but nothing could change the lonliness and exclusion I felt at school. I hated school and sometimes my Mom would let me take a day off here and there to help me to cope with the bullying.

The event that gave me PTSD happened in grade four. I was nine years old. I was at my Grandpa and Grandma’s house and it was close to Christmas and so being the little girl I was I mentioned what I had wanted for Christmas. My Grandpa connected Christmas with Christmas decorations and he climbed up a ladder in the garage to get them. He fell off and smashed his head open on the cement floor at my feet. I was petrified. All I remember after that were the sirens. Ambulances still give me flashbacks.

By the way, I was diagnosed with PTSD this september which was almost six years after the event occurred. My psychologist who I found out is also a trauma specialist diagnosed me with it. I know I am wasting all your precious time but I have to continue.

This september I also got my first IEP because I have a learning disability. Great! Another thing to add to my growing list of challenges. The IEP does help very much though. I get the extra help I need and I am doing better in school now. I still get lonely sometimes but luckily in high school, I made five great friends and we are all very similar and all love music!

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