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ADHD Journal: ADHD Survival Tips

This is me….
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When my mother had me, she told the doctor she didn’t want him to use the forceps that he was going to use, as it was the custom in the fifties. He used them, and used them wrong, thus hurting my eyes and causing a permanent birth defect. I was never able to see straight, using both of my eyes at the same time. I got passed that. I also was diagnosed as having “lazy brain”, and had an IQ of 129. My mother could never understand why I was failing in school, while my sister with a lower IQ was pulling in a 4.0 GPA.

No matter how hard I studied, I barely passed my studies, and I had a low confidence level. To this day, I still have issues with school work .  Everything, did not go well with me at school. I was made fun of because of my “lazy brain”, and my eyesight didn’t make things any better. When I got to middle school, I tried to hide this fact about me, and tried to live normally among others that were normal. I honestly tried to be as normal as I could be, but my mother started to take me to see a psychologist to see why I was having problems with my schoolwork.

I was in my junior year of high school, when I decided not to see any more doctors for a while, and still tried to get decent grades. With all that I had been through, the doctors could not give a posit diagnose of what was going on with me.

Now as a grown woman suffering from severe depression, I received the news that my new doctor wanted me to take this 2 hour test for ADHD.  Her therapist gave the exam which validated my “lazy brain”. It took a long time to finally find out what it is that I have. I still hide this fact from my friends, but it is getting harder to do. Hoping to have a better future because of ADHD.

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