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Help me please.  I have a 13 yr old son (only son and yes spoiled along with everything else) who has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 5 and ODD added around age 7.  Started him on meds at 5 but took him off until he was kicked out of Vacation Bible School (age 6).  His diagnose was changed last year to being PDD-NOS with secondary ADHD.  In the 8 years of his diagnose, I have learned to deal with most of his issues, the loudness, messiness, defiance and daily battles of homework issues.  The one issue I have not yet been able to get a hold of is HIS FATHER.  His father cannot or will not understand that his son’s actions are not all his fault.  He does not act the way just because.  It is like raising two 5 yr olds.  I feel like I am either battling my son and his issues or being a referee between father and son.  When I try to explain to my husband, I get €œyou are just taking his side €.  Then he gets mad and pouts.  I have tried to explain to him different ways to handle our son.  His problem is he doesn €(tm)t want to know how to deal with him.  I am at my whit €(tm)s end in dealing with them.  Anything I tell my husband, he either thinks I am accusing him or he said he will not do anything.  He constantly picks on my son but when my son picks at him he gets angry.  HELP

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