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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

DOPA MUCUNA (Mucuna pruriens, Velvet Bean) worked really well for my husband for one year
Posted: 15 September 2015 02:27 AM   Ignore ]  
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This is an Indian herb which naturally increases dopamine level in the brain. You can get it from amazon without prescription. Here is more info on it:

I convinced my husband to give it a try, and he was doing great for the last 12 months. He became much more patient, calm, much less aggressive, impulsive, and irritable, more sweet and cooperative.  I’d say it was the best year out of the 18 years of our marriage! I highly recommend to try Velvet Bean as it is a natural alternative to the prescription drugs for ADHD and practically has no side effects. Dose should be adjusted individually by trial. It is better to start with a smaller dose which you can slowly increase. You can read more about other people experience with it on, and also find many articles about it online. Good luck & please let me know if you had a positive experience with this herb.

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