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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

Posted: 17 October 2015 08:28 AM   Ignore ]  
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My son was diagnosed with ADHD ODD two years ago.  He is 9 now.  After long consideration and research I decided not to put him on a medicated regimine. I was advised to give him daily vitamins: omega (DHA/EPA) and zinc.  for a while now I have been giving him adult Omega 3 gummies ((Vitafusion Omega 3).  We have tried the larger dosage od Fish Oil and zinc tablets/caplets and he will not take those - he hates tablets/caplets.  I fear that he is not getting enough required supplements.  My son eats well with his fruits, veggies and protein.  Are there stronger supplements ie 1000-1200mg Fish Oils that are gummies that he would be willing to digest.  I cannot find such a product in pharamcies nor vitamin stores.

Posted: 19 October 2015 09:56 AM   Ignore ]  
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Here’s the recommended dosage of fish oil for ADHD:

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