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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

Nurture & Clarity or Pycnogenol?
Posted: 20 February 2017 08:32 PM   Ignore ]  
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I’ve seen Nurture & Clarity and Pycnogenol mentioned in a few different articles by Sandy Newmark, M.D. and wondering if anyone has tried either or both?  Thinking of giving them a try for my adhd-inattentive 13 y.o. son.  Currently we’re just using Omega-3s, Lemon Balm for anxiety and a multi-vitamin with Zinc and Iron.

Edit:  Just doing a little quick research and found this information from a pycnogenol study:

Several studies on Pycnogenol have found the natural plant extract to benefit young children with ADHD by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which lowers adrenaline and dopamine levels and helps to balance out the stress hormones.

Not sure if lowering dopamine levels is a good idea?