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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

Nuture & Clarity
Posted: 30 December 2013 10:18 PM   Ignore ]  
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Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) using Nuture & Clarity?
Also, how long does 1 bottle usually last?

Posted: 09 May 2014 02:21 PM   Ignore ]  
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We began using the Nurture Clarity product approximately 8 weeks ago for my son, age 11. We have unsuccessfully battled ADHD over the past four years which was when he was diagnosed. We tried meds to no avail (little to no improvement but had intolerable side effects). We also tried 25 sessions of neurofeedback as well as chiropractic. Oh yes, and we went down the medical gauntlet to rule out potential medical cause since we’d not found anything to effectively treat my son’s ADHD. Our primary issues are lack of energy, lack of motivation, severe brain fog and working memory was seemingly nonexistent. No problem learning information but cannot seem to hang on to the information. Obviously, this has caused major challenges at school. Back to Nurture Clarity, we have seen some improvements (particularly on the energy front) but have only seen minor improvements thus far. I would also say there has been an improvement on the willingness and motivation front as it pertains to school as well. However, it seems I did not order the most beneficial product. We ordered Nurture Clarity H (for the ADHD child as opposed to ADD). We’ve only started the original Nurture Clarity product a few days ago. Dosage is according to age/weight, for my son he goes through approx. two bottles per month at a cost of $100. Which doesn’t seem to far off what we’ve paid in the past for some prescription medicines.

I’m baffled as to why there is so little information out there on this product! I too, would love to hear from other parents who have tried this product. I only learned of this product a couple of months ago while reading Dr. Rabiner’s review article of the product:

I was so impressed I immediately reached out to him to see if he any personal knowledge of Nurture Clarity success stories, he only had one instance to report but it was very positive. However, he’s chair of Psychology at Duke University so I’m not sure if sees patients. I think very highly of Dr. Sandy Newmark’s research, not sure how but I must have overlooked his mention of this product while reading his book, ADHD without drugs. Since googling he’s made mention of this product several times which I think is significant because as you’ll notice he typically doesn’t make specific product recommendations.

Would love to hear feedback from anyone who has tried this product!