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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

Vitamin D or Multivitamins
Posted: 07 January 2014 09:23 PM   Ignore ]  
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          Has anyone ever heard or read about any connection between Vitamin D and Sleep?

        I am a very poor sleeper, I sleep very lightly, and have a very poor quality sleep. I sleep to little/short time as well. I at times have so much thoughts in my head that I’m not sure if I’m up or dreaming at night in bed.  So now that I got diagnosed this week I’m trying to put sleep and ADHD together which the Doctor said it “might” get better if my thoughts are treated. 
          The reason of this post:
            First,  I only started taking meds yesterday so I know it is not the pill. 
The reason I’m asking about Vitamin D and vitamins in general, is because I have a worse problem sleeping for at least the past week and a half. Instead of officially waking up after five I’m fully awake before 4 AM. I try not to nap or sleep before 9:45 -10 PM even though I’m so tired after work.  Because the reason would be obvious if I would sleep before bed time.  So I was thinking what could of changed that keeps waking me up so early? Maybe its the cold weather? even though I’m covered well but sleep to close to the window etc.. 

Then I came up with a thought and went right to Google. I put in vitamins and sleeping problems, and what came up was very interesting. I see their a lot of different writings about people with a deficiency in vitamin D and sleepiness during the day. And also that many people claimed that if they took vitamin D at night before bed they couldn’t sleep well. And they explained that if the their is truth to it, it might be because Vitamin D comes from the Sun as well so it might be the reason why they are tired during the day if you don’t get enough sun. I’m not so clear with that.

I’m checking on it because I recently went to the doctor for an annual, and the only thing that needs improvement on my lab work is Vitamin D,. The doc told me to take 1000 units of Vitamin D daily. So since he told me that about just a few weeks ago I started taking all my vitamins again. multivitamins and omega-3 in the morning and Multivitamin and a vitamin D in the evening.
I’m also on a very healthy diet for the past year now, So I was thinking let me Google vitamins and sleeping problems. since this is what I remembered I recently changed.  So now I will put my self to a test. And since this morning, I will take the D in the AM.
I really want to try to get my sleep in order as much as/if possible. So I can see if the new adhd meds are working. I’m afraid if I walk around tired I won’t tell the big difference.

Anyone have any insight on the topic?

Posted: 08 January 2014 04:56 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi, I found what you wrote very interesting and I never thought of that with the Vitamin D and what time of day to take it at.  I take mine in the morning.  Like you said you get it from sunlight which most of us don’t get enough of.  To me it would make sense to take it in the morning.  It does make a difference in mood swings and the other thing in some people Vitamin D can cause headaches.  I take a good antioxidant and a mineral also and started those long before I had an increase in my Vitamin D.  After I started those I noticed after a few weeks that I was able to stay up later at night but still feel rested in the AM.
I go to this site a lot for info on certain things..they have pages for side effects, general info on a medications and pages on getting samples and coupons to help cut costs of medications for people.
They have one on help to save money on Vitamin D also.  I will give the and if you scroll to the bottom you can see additional information on Vitmin D.

I look forward to what you notice about the Vitamin D you are taking. 

My levels are acceptable but I still take 5,000mg a day and my doctor actually thought about doubling that during the winter months.  Of course at my expense and not as a prescription.

Posted: 08 January 2014 05:04 PM   Ignore ]  
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Hi caringman!

I do not have ADHD but I do have a vitamin D deficiency. My doctor first put me on prescription strength vitamin D for 3 months until my level was more in the low normal range, then she asked me to take Vitamin D 1000 units daily, just as you were advised. I can’t say if it has helped my fatigue though, because I also have Fibromyalgia (including chronic fatigue) and I take a medication for Fibro at night that knocks me right out.

My son does have ADHD and his vitamin D was tested a couple years ago and found to be on the low end of the range. For that reason, I give him 1000 units also. We both take it at dinner but now I’m wondering if I should give it to him earlier in the day in case it interrupts his sleep (he takes melatonin but still wakes early and sometimes during the night).

If you are super interested in vitamins and their role in sleep and ADHD, seek out an integrative medicine doctor.

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Posted: 08 January 2014 05:16 PM   Ignore ]  
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I have to check with my husband and see when he was taking his.  He was on and off of prescription strength for the last few years (taking on and off because of other problems), but was taken off this last time by his oncologist to see if it would help with his migraines.

I don’t know about the fatigue or the moods for helping.  It maybe one of those things that is done over time and is not noticed when so many other things are going on.

I look forward to seeing if anyone else has any input on this subject.

Posted: 22 February 2014 02:22 AM   Ignore ]  
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Has anyone tried Melatonin? I’m not sure if it works with ADHD medications but my daughter takes it for sleeplessness and to have a more restful sleep. She doesn’t produce enough enough on her own to sleep. Shes ADHD and melatonin totally changed things for the better. I’ve just started her Vit D and also folate, there is some research suggesting folic acid deficiencies affect melatonin production. My family are all very deficient in naturally. Despite eating foods high in it and have family histories of neural tube defects normally caused by folic acid deficiencies.

Posted: 22 February 2014 04:24 PM   Ignore ]  
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My husband and I both tried Melatonin years ago.  We both felt like we were hung over in the morning.  Him a lot more then me.  I think it’s one of the supplements that either works for you or not.

Anyone else had any luck with Melatonin?

I am huge believer in a good antioxidant and mineral and we both could tell a difference when we went on those. A natural path or chiropractor can help a lot with supplements.

Here is a page that from a site I usually use for side effects.  But they have good information on Melatonin and some savings information.

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