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ADHD Medication and Alternative Treatment Reviews

Natural Alternatives to Medication
Posted: 09 June 2014 07:40 PM   Ignore ]  
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Been looking for natural alternatives to help manage my ADHD. Any suggestions?

Have had great results with the Power On/Power Off system but I’m curious about other people’s experience.

Here’s what I’ve been using:

Posted: 04 August 2014 01:32 PM   Ignore ]  
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I recently read a chapter on ADHD facts and nutrition supplements. Valerian root and Gotu Cola caught my eye… From past readings, I also am now taking an Omega 3 supplement capsule a daY.. ALL OF THESE SEEM TO BE HELPING SOME (I still take Ritalin at a minimum dosage)

Posted: 10 December 2014 02:15 PM   Ignore ]  
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My daughter has ADHD and she takes adderall.  However, recently she began using an all-natural product called Qivana.  It’s focused on ridding your body of the toxic metals and she has really seemed to benefit from the switch.  There are no awful side effects like insomnia or loss of appetite.  I’m excited about having an option for her that is natural and not based on pharmaceuticals!