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ADD testing ADHD Adults 2 Dec 24
dry lips and flakey skin? ADHD in Boys 2 Dec 23
standing up to teachers ADHD in Boys 2 Dec 23
Time to switch meds??? Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 23
Morning Behavior Parents of ADHD Children 7 Dec 23
Ritalin and injury Parents of ADHD Children 3 Dec 23
Thoughts on using Advocare Spark ADHD Adults 1 Dec 23
Insomnia ADHD Adults 1 Dec 23
Dealing with Critical Family? Parents of ADHD Children 7 Dec 22
Vitamins ADHD in Boys 1 Dec 22
Time to switch meds? ADHD in Boys 1 Dec 22
IEP info Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 22
Coping with the Holidays Anxiety and ADHD 6 Dec 21
Looking for a specialist in Staten Island or Brooklyn ADHD Professionals 1 Dec 21
What if...? ADHD Adults 4 Dec 21
Specialist in my area ADHD Professionals 1 Dec 20
How to make/keep friends? ADHD and College and Higher Education 4 Dec 20
How make/keep friends? ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Dec 20
SS Disability? ADHD at Work 2 Dec 19
not listening/laughing at the teacher Parents of ADHD Children 17 Dec 19
VYVANSE Dosage help!! ADHD Adults 6 Dec 19
Negative Thoughts, Help ADHD in Women 3 Dec 19
New to the group ADHD Adults 5 Dec 19
No social skills ADHD Adults 5 Dec 19
School wants to speak to psychiatrist Parents of ADHD Children 15 Dec 19
Lacking in social skills dept ADHD in Women 2 Dec 19
Advocate for my 7 year old ADHD child ADHD at School 3 Dec 18
looking for support ADHD Adults 2 Dec 18
ADHD Autistic 11 year old HELP! ADHD Educators 7 Dec 18
Celebrate Calm Videos Parents of ADHD Children 2 Dec 18
ADHD and Social Events Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Dec 18
Seven yo talks too much in school ADHD in Boys 5 Dec 18
Hi...New to this whole thing Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 2 Dec 18
Support Group NYC - Parenting Skills ADHD in New York 0 Dec 18
Maybe it's not ADHD after all Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 18
Anyone else? Help! (I'm a newly diagnosed add/adhder) ADHD Adults 6 Dec 18
Magenta Emotions Anxiety and ADHD 2 Dec 17
Frustrated and dissappointed ADHD at School 6 Dec 17
Looking for some success stories. I need hope Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 10 Dec 17
Medication issue Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 17
Hydroxyzine Anxiety and ADHD 1 Dec 17
Hydroxyzine for Anxiety ADHD Adults 1 Dec 17
HELP ADHD Adults 3 Dec 17
Underachieving ADHD at Work 4 Dec 17
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