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BAD fatigue when reading for school but not reading for pleasure? Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 0 Aug 31
Support group in Wilmington, NC ADHD at School 0 Aug 31
husband 69 yr old recently diagnosed Couples With One ADHD Partner 11 Aug 31
Binge Eating on non Adderoll days ADHD Adults 0 Aug 31
Screentime is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy ADHD Professionals 0 Aug 30
Adderall XR and bald Spot Parents of ADHD Children 2 Aug 30
ADHD Sick and Very Itritable/Emotional Parents of ADHD Children 12 Aug 29
Support Group in Oak Park, River Forest or Forest Park ADHD in Illinois 0 Aug 29
Training tools search ADHD Adults 4 Aug 28
increasing med dose Parents of ADHD Children 5 Aug 28
Young adult with ADD and dyslexia ADHD in Nebraska 0 Aug 28
Looking for a support group in Weschester, NY ADHD Adults 0 Aug 27
New ADHD in Georgia 0 Aug 27
what to do Parents of ADHD Children 2 Aug 27
How do i get my son to mind hisown buisness!! Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 4 Aug 27
What to do? Parents of ADHD Children 6 Aug 27
Diagnosis Issues Anxiety and ADHD 5 Aug 27
Boredom ADHD at Work 2 Aug 26
New member, Nikole hi everyone ADHD in Women 1 Aug 26
New poster ADHD in Boys 4 Aug 26
Doctor Suggestion in Ohio ADHD in Ohio 3 Aug 26
Can't find psychiatrist; what now? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Aug 26
any strategies or helpfule hints for the morning Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 25
Starting New School & Routine Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 25
Eating An Entire Jar of Pickles & Then Pulling Out Braces... ADHD in Boys 4 Aug 25
Morning Routines Parents of ADHD Children 4 Aug 25
Direct vs Indirect communication ADHD Adults 2 Aug 25
Discipline ADHD in Boys 1 Aug 25
ADD and ODD Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Aug 24
Unusual behavior ADHD in Boys 2 Aug 24
Medication Not Working Inattentive ADHD 3 Aug 24
Medication Not Working Parents of ADHD Children 10 Aug 24
ADHD Adult Support Group ADHD Adults 2 Aug 24
That moment when I realize my ADHD is making me sick ADHD Adults 5 Aug 24
Support group (12 step) for ADD/ADHD? ADHD in Washington, DC 0 Aug 23
School Social Worker would not work with my child or me ADHD at School 2 Aug 23
Making Careless mistakes ADHD Adults 6 Aug 22
New - saw download to buy, cant find Parents of ADHD Children 1 Aug 22
Exercise and ADHD question. ADHD in Boys 3 Aug 21
Augusta,GA ADHD in Georgia 0 Aug 21
Strattera- Do we continue after 8 days or give up ? Inattentive ADHD 0 Aug 21
Daytrana Questions Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 21
Fibromyalgia ADHD in Women 2 Aug 20
ADD Strattera Parents of ADHD Children 6 Aug 20
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