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Expansion of our family: relapse into bad behavior Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 0 Feb 09
Tying up her barbies? Parents of ADHD Children 2 Feb 09
ADHD or Antidepressant Medicine for 10 yr. old? ADHD at School 2 Feb 09
Hyperfocus and Happiness ADHD Adults 2 Feb 08
Sugar cravings related to medications? Anxiety and ADHD 1 Feb 08
Searching for answers ADHD in Boys 4 Feb 07
Grieving and the ADHD child Parents of ADHD Children 5 Feb 07
How did you get full school day coverage with your stimulant? Parents of ADHD Children 12 Feb 07
recent diagnosis Seniors With ADHD 2 Feb 07
ADHD friend or group ADHD in Georgia 1 Feb 06
Need a friend to talk with ADHD Professionals 5 Feb 06
ADHD related health problems ADHD Adults 3 Feb 06
Need help with ADD employment opportunity ADHD Adults 4 Feb 06
Tried Meds?? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 1 Feb 06
Confused - I think I have ADHD but my doctor says no ADHD Adults 10 Feb 05
New to the group ADHD in Pennsylvania 1 Feb 05
Info ADHD Professionals 1 Feb 05
Emotion Regulation at Work ADHD Adults 7 Feb 04
Frusterated ADHD Adults 5 Feb 04
Just once I'd like to hear what my son does well ... Parents of ADHD Children 10 Feb 04
Consumed by guilt... Parents of ADHD Children 16 Feb 04
Middle School ADHD at School 3 Feb 04
Controlling ADD spouse Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Feb 04
Testing and finding the right school Gifted ADHD Children 1 Feb 03
From Adderall to Vyvance ADHD in Boys 4 Feb 03
Done? Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Feb 03
What do you do when you dont know what to do anymore ADHD in Boys 13 Feb 02
Who do you trust? ADHD in Oklahoma 1 Feb 02
looking a school Parents of ADHD Children 2 Feb 02
Wake Up Call ADHD Adults 5 Feb 02
Twelve year old boy ADHD in Boys 5 Feb 01
frustrated for my son ADHD in Boys 7 Feb 01
Pornography ADHD in Girls 4 Feb 01
Possible Group for ADHD Adults ADHD in Wisconsin 1 Jan 31
Frustrated at school ADHD at School 5 Jan 31
New Member Questions Parents of ADHD Children 4 Jan 31
I'm letting this control my life and I just wanna be better ADHD in Massachusetts 3 Jan 31
Discipline effect is short term Parents of ADHD Children 5 Jan 30
Advice for staying calm when exhausted! Single Parents With ADHD 1 Jan 30
Lying, Baths, Teeth Brushing ADHD in Boys 3 Jan 30
Help with socialization Parents of ADHD Children 3 Jan 30
Going back to school... ADHD and College and Higher Education 2 Jan 29
FRUSTRATED Learning Disabilities and ADHD 1 Jan 29
Frustrated ADHD at School 1 Jan 29
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