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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Letting people down ADHD in Women 0 Aug 21
ADHD Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 1 Aug 21
ADD and severe prenatal depression--trying to cope. ADHD in Women 0 Aug 21
Husband Addicted to Adderall? Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Aug 21
Husband Addicted to Adderall? Smoking, Drinking, Substance Abuse, and ADHD 1 Aug 21
Regular or Advanced Classes? ADHD at School 0 Aug 21
How is the support group in KC going? ADHD in Kansas 0 Aug 21
NEW TO GROUP Depression and ADHD 7 Aug 21
Staying in School - HELP ADHD and College and Higher Education 4 Aug 21
ADD/ADHD Support Group Parents of ADHD Children 1 Aug 21
does this have to be a question or can I just chat? ADHD Adults 6 Aug 21
Social Groups ADHD in Boys 0 Aug 20
Quick question ADHD Adults 5 Aug 20
Are there ADHD groups for toddlers? ADHD in Boys 3 Aug 20
How did you know your child was ready for medication? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 20
ADD????? ADHD in Florida 0 Aug 20
Request of Evaluation on 504/IEP ADHD at School 1 Aug 20
Stress in College Anxiety and ADHD 2 Aug 20
Survival Tips ADHD and College and Higher Education 2 Aug 20
Looking to move daughters school Parents of ADHD Children 0 Aug 20
ADHD and Depression in Men Depression and ADHD 3 Aug 20
I came across adult ADHD recently... ADHD Adults 4 Aug 20
My words come out wrong. ADHD in Women 3 Aug 20
Going to the Dr. with my Husband...advice? Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Aug 19
Correct me if I am wrong Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Aug 19
Recommendation for therapist needed ADHD in Massachusetts 0 Aug 19
Emotions ADHD Adults 3 Aug 19
Second day of school - I am already ready for another summer brea Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Aug 19
second day of school - I am already tired of this school thing Parents of ADHD Children 9 Aug 19
face to face meetings ADHD in Massachusetts 0 Aug 19
Looking for a support group ADHD in the UK 1 Aug 19
Frustration. ADHD in Women 4 Aug 19
Biphentin ADHD in Girls 3 Aug 18
Should I go directly to a GP??? ADHD in Girls 5 Aug 18
Paradoxical Drug Effect - Determinative of a Diagnosis? ADHD Professionals 0 Aug 18
Adult ADHD Psychiatrist - North Eastern Ohio ADHD Professionals 0 Aug 18
You Can't Get a PHD with ADHD Is It ADHD? 2 Aug 18
Paradoxical Drug Reactions - Alcohol / Benzodiazepines Is It ADHD? 1 Aug 18
PLEASE HELP Parents of ADHD Children 11 Aug 18
Any of you experience constant brain zaps? ADHD Adults 6 Aug 18
How do you stay calm with the kids as an adhd adult Anger Management and ADHD 3 Aug 18
Praying for my son. Christians With ADHD 5 Aug 18
Family Stigma ADHD in People of Color 5 Aug 18
Question regarding Concerta ADHD Adults 4 Aug 18
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