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Get your self in check, NOW! ADHD Adults 9 Apr 07
Does this Happened anyone else ? or is it just me ? ADHD Adults 10 Apr 07
Hello Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 1 Apr 07
Exec Function Studies - WST ADHD Adults 0 Apr 06
Managed to get a diagnosis? ADHD and Gifted Adults 5 Apr 06
My 9yr old son was diagnosed last year and i dont want use meds ADHD at School 12 Apr 06
Why is no one believing me? ADHD Adults 12 Apr 06
Husband and son are killing eachother! Couples With One ADHD Partner 10 Apr 06
Husband and son with ADHD Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Apr 06
Constant hand flapping. Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 06
Celebrating today's parent/teacher conference Parents of ADHD Children 5 Apr 06
Trouble getting Concerta ADHD Medications 3 Apr 06
Has anyone had success at Learning Rx or Brain Balance Center? Learning Disabilities and ADHD 5 Apr 05
Possible in person Support Group in Winston Salem area!!! ADHD in North Carolina 7 Apr 05
Is repeating a grade a help or a confidence killer? ADHD at School 5 Apr 05
Intuniv dosing Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 05
13 Year old Son, update Parents of ADHD Children 0 Apr 05
Discrimination on college admissions??? ADHD and College and Higher Education 12 Apr 05
Wiggly 6 year old. Parents of ADHD Children 10 Apr 05
I miss the daydreams ADHD Adults 9 Apr 05
ADA Accommodations at Work ADHD Adults 9 Apr 05
Have a Prescription for Adderall ADHD Medications 7 Apr 04
Just give up? ADHD and College and Higher Education 5 Apr 04
want to connect with some of where we hold each other accountable ADHD at Work 2 Apr 04
Do I Have ADD or Does He! Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Apr 04
Ex spouse opposed to medicating, and ADHD denier Vyvanse Reviews 1 Apr 04
Hyperfocused anxiety paranoid after husband 2 yr emotional affair Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Apr 04
Anxious About Dating Christians With ADHD 3 Apr 04
7 yr old son hearing voices in his head Parents of ADHD Children 12 Apr 04
Which comes first? Depression and ADHD 8 Apr 04
New to group. Christians With ADHD 5 Apr 04
help pls ADHD Adults 8 Apr 04
Boss is back ADHD at Work 1 Apr 04
This medication vs that medication for newly diagnosed 5y.o. Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 04
8 year old son was just diagnosed with ADD. Suggestions? Advise? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 4 Apr 04
Nervous ADHD and College and Higher Education 14 Apr 04
add is ruining my relationships any advice would be appreciated ADHD in Women 4 Apr 03
Looking for/to form social/support grp Park Ridge,IL area ADHD in Illinois 4 Apr 03
Dating an awesome dude with ADHD Couples With One ADHD Partner 13 Apr 03
8yr old refusing to take meds Parents of ADHD Children 3 Apr 03
Medication Tolerence ADHD Adults 8 Apr 03
Focalin Parents of ADHD Children 11 Apr 03
Graduate Student needing legal advice ADHD in Maine 3 Apr 03
I Feel defeated by my graduate program ADHD and College and Higher Education 21 Apr 03
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