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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

HELP! Parents of ADHD Children 11 May 29
Classroom tests and ADHD ADHD Educators 3 May 29
Nine yr old girl w/ADHD ran away from home! Parents of ADHD Children 6 May 28
Schools Parents of ADHD Children 2 May 28
Portable Word Processors Parents of ADHD Children 5 May 28
Help! Is this professional of psychologist ..... ADHD Adults 6 May 28
ADD and Sleep ADHD Adults 5 May 28
Adult ADHD Psychiatrist in Los Angeles ADHD Adults 1 May 28
Getting help while unemployed/uninsured ADHD Adults 3 May 28
new to this group Parents of ADHD Children 10 May 28
Nine yr old with ADHD ran away from home! ADHD in Girls 2 May 28
ADHD iep aspergers ADHD at School 8 May 27
Finding a Doctor that specializes in Adult Adhd ADHD in Indiana 9 May 27
Are there any Adult Adhd Dr in Indiana? ADHD in Women 2 May 27
New here , need help in all this! Couples With One ADHD Partner 9 May 27
Suspended again Parents of ADHD Children 3 May 27
Vocational Rehab Un-diagnosed me?? ADHD Adults 21 May 27
Anyone been to the Amen Clinic? ADHD Adults 3 May 27
Has anyone gone to the Amen Clinic for help w/ADD? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 9 May 27
My 14 year old ADHD daughter had huge mood swings Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 May 26
RTI vs 504 plan ADHD at School 4 May 26
At my Wits End with my 12 yr old Parents of ADHD Preteens 8 May 26
Psychiatrist needed ADHD in Indiana 2 May 26
ADD/ADHD and pregnancy ADHD Adults 0 May 26
What can I do to help kindergartners (4-7 yrs) in SS class? ADHD at School 3 May 26
Son 5 yr/old & Concerta Parents of ADHD Children 5 May 25
Meds question: Tenex? Zoloft? ADHD Adults 9 May 25
Alternative treatments Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 May 25
Planning pregnancy & Transitioning off of meds ADHD in Women 6 May 25
Need a new PCP that will write Adderall ADHD in Massachusetts 2 May 25
Nothing is working...please help Parents of ADHD Children 11 May 25
Nothing seems to work...please help Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 1 May 25
Concerta and United Healthcare Parents of ADHD Children 13 May 25
habit drives me crazy Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 1 May 25
I want to create a more active support group, join me? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 11 May 24
Consistency... Squirrel? ADHD Adults 4 May 24
dicipline Parents of ADHD Children 8 May 24
Spacing Out: My 11 year old ADHD Daughter, her view Parents of ADHD Children 14 May 24
Medication switch from Zoloft to Lexepro ( children) Anxiety and ADHD 3 May 24
ADHD Documentary Parents of ADHD Children 11 May 23
My Battle With Adult ADHD (And My Mission) ADHD Adults 4 May 23
Hollow Man ADHD Adults 11 May 23
Adult ADHD Conference in Orlando, FL from July 24th to 27th ADHD in Florida 1 May 23
ADHD and Suicide ADHD Adults 4 May 23
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