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Please share your experience with Intuiv/Guanfacine Parents of ADHD Children 6 Mar 15
Interesting - From NPR ADHD in Women 0 Mar 15
Fake ADHD?!? WTH?? ADHD in Women 7 Mar 14
From National Public Radio... ADHD Adults 0 Mar 14
Melatonin? Philips Wake Up Light? Experiences/Recommendations? Parents of ADHD Children 14 Mar 14
Concerta and Insomnia Question ADHD Adults 4 Mar 14
Does anyone else frequently feel grumpy?!? ADHD Adults 22 Mar 14
The evil down days ADHD Adults 5 Mar 13
need advice Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 8 Mar 13
Took my meds... still cant focus ADHD in Women 3 Mar 13
Workplace accommodations for lateness? ADHD Adults 23 Mar 13
ADD mom to I have to say I need help? ADHD in Women 13 Mar 12
son is stealing Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Mar 12
ADHD & High Blood Pressure ADHD Adults 4 Mar 12
Concerta issues, Gym issues, university issues! ADHD Adults 7 Mar 12
I may have ADD ADHD Adults 2 Mar 12
I may have ADD ADHD in Men 0 Mar 12
Nine Yr old Doesn't sleep in her own bed Parents of ADHD Children 11 Mar 12
Dexedrine Extended Release Parents of ADHD Children 0 Mar 12
my daughter was just diagnosed with adhd ADHD in Pennsylvania 1 Mar 12
How Do You Tell Parents that their child may have ADHD? ADHD Educators 3 Mar 12
Tips on how to nudge him to get back on the horse... Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Mar 11
ADHD and Inflexibility Parents of ADHD Children 12 Mar 11
start the relationship or not? Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Mar 11
ADHD and Anger Management Couples With One ADHD Partner 21 Mar 11
Finally Diagnosed! ADHD in Women 4 Mar 11
Being A Father! ADHD in Men 4 Mar 11
Afraid to hope Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 6 Mar 11
Help about Nursing School ADHD and College and Higher Education 4 Mar 11
Adult ADHD specialist around Madison ADHD in Wisconsin 4 Mar 11
Trazodone thoughts please Parents of ADHD Children 2 Mar 10
Lost Looking For GPS ADHD in Women 5 Mar 10
Support group in Camden County ADHD in New Jersey 1 Mar 10
Need advice to create Non Profit organization to help gifted kids ADHD Adults 4 Mar 10
why does it always say tourette when Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 1 Mar 10
Newly diagnosed mom and son. Overwhelmed Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 4 Mar 09
Never asked for help before Depression and ADHD 1 Mar 09
Homework Fighting! Parents of ADHD Children 14 Mar 09
REPOST: No desire to succeed - need help with reply! Parents of ADHD Children 5 Mar 09
Have any of your children been given more than 60mg ritalin a day Parents of ADHD Children 10 Mar 08
High ritalin dosage in an 8 year old Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 1 Mar 08
"No desire to succeed" - need help with response! Parents of ADHD Children 3 Mar 08
Seeking Support in Atlanta, GA Depression and ADHD 4 Mar 08
Are you sick of all the "get organized" advice? ADHD Adults 13 Mar 08
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