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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

New To The Group ADHD in Boys 2 Feb 04
New Mom Parents of ADHD Children 5 Feb 03
ADHD and Driving Accidents Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 2 Feb 03
Help!! I don't know how to get my son back. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 11 Feb 03
Facebook ADHD in Women 3 Feb 03
Facebook Anxiety and ADHD 0 Feb 03
Facebook Bipolar Disorder and ADHD 0 Feb 03
Facebook Depression and ADHD 0 Feb 03
Facebook ADHD Adults 0 Feb 03
Evernote do you use it? ADHD Adults 16 Feb 03
Vision Therapy Parents of ADHD Children 6 Feb 02
Lying Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 19 Feb 02
fight with add husband Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Feb 02
My son is not sleeping ADHD in Boys 11 Feb 02
Adult ADD Doc in Houston ADHD in Texas 1 Feb 02
Started Metadate cd 10 mg - not working Parents of ADHD Children 8 Feb 02
Therapeutic School Parents of ADHD Children 12 Feb 02
Constant calls about poor behavior Parents of ADHD Children 8 Feb 01
Meds peaking Parents of ADHD Children 2 Feb 01
Proper punishment ADHD in Boys 2 Feb 01
how to take care of myself... Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Feb 01
Any ADHD Moms with an ADHD child out there? ADHD in New Hampshire 7 Feb 01
My husband leaves everything for me to do Couples With One ADHD Partner 10 Feb 01
I need to find a web site or something to help with a career Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Feb 01
Typical 3 year old or something more? Is It ADHD? 3 Feb 01
Looking for a web site Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD 2 Feb 01
Seeking to learn of a website for career guidance ADHD and College and Higher Education 2 Feb 01
Seeking a web site for help/guidance/ direction with career ADHD Leaders and Entrepreneurs 3 Feb 01
Does Anyone Else Feel Like They Are Drowning in their Own Life? ADHD in Women 5 Feb 01
teachers not getting it ADHD in Ohio 3 Feb 01
New and in Need of Answers (Social and Behavioral) ADHD Adults 10 Feb 01
ADHD and Driving Accidents ADHD Adults 3 Feb 01
Failure as a parent? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Feb 01
Frustrated!! Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Jan 31
Is there a list of good online pharmacies? ADHD Adults 1 Jan 31
Why bother with Diagnosis? Parents of ADHD Children 17 Jan 31
Grade based on Remembering?? ADHD at School 9 Jan 31
Have been going the natural route-May need meds? Parents of ADHD Preteens 6 Jan 31
10yr old adhd son violent,uncontrollable, normal avenues failing Parents of ADHD Children 4 Jan 31
Strattera and Intuniv together ADHD in Boys 4 Jan 31
Online Adult ADHD Paid Research Discussion Board ADHD Adults 4 Jan 31
My son was just diagnosed with ADHD ADHD in Boys 0 Jan 31
Our are ADHD children considered special needs? Parents of ADHD Children 7 Jan 30
How many years are safe for Concerta? ADHD in Boys 4 Jan 30
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