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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

ADHD in the Caribbean ADHD Educators 2 Nov 16
What can teachers do with disruptive kids ADHD at School 1 Nov 15
Resources for ADHD and OCD ADHD in Maryland 2 Nov 15
Maryland Resources fo ADHD and OCD Vyvanse Reviews 0 Nov 15
New to this ADHD in Girls 4 Nov 15
Medication-Use or Not? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 8 Nov 15
New Parent Dealing with an 8-year old gifted/ADHD child Gifted ADHD Children 7 Nov 15
I hate school. It is way to hard ADHD at School 7 Nov 15
Where do we go with our son? Is there NOWHERE? HELP please! ADHD at School 12 Nov 15
ADHD Essays - a Blog Depression and ADHD 0 Nov 14
Support Groups ?? Anxiety and ADHD 2 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD at Work 0 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD Singles 0 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD Adults 1 Nov 14
I think they want to get rid of me. ADHD at Work 10 Nov 14
Support groups ?? Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 14
ADHD Parent Support Group In Ozaukee County ADHD in Wisconsin 2 Nov 14
Strange, unlisted side effect? Concerta Reviews 4 Nov 14
I just don't understand! ADHD in Women 7 Nov 14
My son and his jealousy ADHD at School 2 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD in Women 2 Nov 14
ADHD and school behavior Parents of ADHD Preteens 4 Nov 14
How do you force yourself to exercise? ADHD Adults 11 Nov 13
Loads of doubts regarding ADHD being a christian. Christians With ADHD 27 Nov 13
New Support Group in Louisville KY ADHD Adults 8 Nov 13
13 yr old daughter always tired ADHD in Girls 0 Nov 13
39 yr old mom ADHD & Anxiety Anxiety and ADHD 0 Nov 13
School conference ADHD at School 0 Nov 13
New Anxiety Level Anxiety and ADHD 5 Nov 13
Missing Homework ADHD at School 12 Nov 13
School conference ADHD at School 1 Nov 13
Not sure about meds.. Anxiety and ADHD 9 Nov 13
Welfare worker accused me of munchousen bi proxy Learning Disabilities and ADHD 7 Nov 13
Locked myself in the bathroom Parents of ADHD Children 11 Nov 13
hurting myself Depression and ADHD 2 Nov 13
If you run out of medication ADHD Adults 11 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship ADHD Adults 2 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship Parents of ADHD Children 0 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship ADHD at School 0 Nov 12
Help with behavior issues ADHD in Boys 15 Nov 12
Any one have a hx of poor relationship due to ADHD? ADHD Adults 4 Nov 12
Ugh!! Ever feel like a criminal trying to get meds? ADHD Adults 8 Nov 12
Adult Psychologist ADHD in Georgia 2 Nov 12
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