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Cognitive therapist in norwell/hingham MA area? Parents of ADHD Children 1 Feb 26
Relationship help! I get bored. ADHD in Women 4 Feb 26
7yr boy ADHD/OCD-neurologist says he needs behavior therapy Anger Management and ADHD 5 Feb 26
Food dye and bad behavior? Parents of ADHD Children 10 Feb 26
acetaminophen use during preg and adhd.... ADHD Adults 2 Feb 26
Retaining math facts in 2nd grade ADHD at School 4 Feb 26
Why is it so hard/scary for men to get help? Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Feb 26
Therapist in Chicago area Couples With One ADHD Partner 1 Feb 25
How to deal with ADHD better Parents of ADHD Children 5 Feb 25
Dreading "the talk" with him...first time ADD will be brought up Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Feb 25
help with upcoming meeting ADHD at School 2 Feb 25
Conner's Attention deficit scale ADHD Professionals 1 Feb 25
Coping with the College Conundrum ADHD and College and Higher Education 7 Feb 25
doc won't prescribe stimulant Couples With One ADHD Partner 12 Feb 25
Mornings- is this normal? ADHD in Boys 16 Feb 25
iPad games and apps for ADHD kids Parents of ADHD Children 8 Feb 25
New to the group from Ellicott City,Md ADHD in Maryland 0 Feb 25
Encouragment Parents of ADHD Children 3 Feb 24
wellbutrin xl ADHD in Women 5 Feb 24
Another Intuniv question Parents of ADHD Children 6 Feb 24
Dr. Recommendation ADHD in Indiana 5 Feb 24
New and Needing Help!! Parents of ADHD Children 13 Feb 24
3 Part Documentary follows 5 kids and families: diagnose ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 3 Feb 24
To the ADHD Professionals & Researchers. ADHD Professionals 3 Feb 23
40 and newly diagnosed ADHD in Men 0 Feb 23
Have you done genetic testing for prediction of drug response Parents of ADHD Children 0 Feb 23
adhd, spd and now possibly diabetes? Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and ADHD 2 Feb 22
Getting back in the swing of things? ADHD in Women 3 Feb 22
Muscle Clenching? ADHD Adults 7 Feb 22
Panic Attack Anxiety and ADHD 4 Feb 22
I am a Manager with ADHD and Severe Depression...Am I alone? ADHD at Work 5 Feb 22
New Discipline Method at School ADHD at School 8 Feb 21
School Accommodations ADHD at School 1 Feb 21
Scared what my doctor will think (Update in comments) ADHD Adults 17 Feb 21
I live in Northern Michigan are there any support groups? Parents of ADHD Children 1 Feb 21
New to this ADHD in Boys 8 Feb 21
Need help! ADHD in Boys 5 Feb 20
New member. Frustrated parent. ADHD at School 15 Feb 20
My 9 year old explodes. Can anyone relate? Parents of ADHD Children 14 Feb 20
academic problems due to Anxiety & ADHD Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Feb 20
Just 4 laughs ADHD Adults 4 Feb 20
ADHD and Sleep Deprivation ADHD Adults 4 Feb 20
Support groups In the Capital District, NY area. Parents of ADHD Children 0 Feb 20
Aid in classroom and SSI Parents of ADHD Children 6 Feb 20
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