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What to do if unexpectedly uninsured and can't afford appts/meds? ADHD Medications 5 Jun 13
Does marijuana help ADHD? ADHD Adults 7 Jun 13
Bullied by ADD friend Parents of ADHD Children 3 Jun 13
Athens TN? ADHD in Tennessee 2 Jun 13
Any support groups in Yonkers, NY or nearby? ADHD in New York 1 Jun 13
Adjusting dosages as they grow.... Parents of ADHD Children 10 Jun 13
When do you tell someone your dating you have ADHD/ADD? ADHD Adults 11 Jun 12
College or No College or Postpone College? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 10 Jun 12
Memory issues ADHD at School 10 Jun 12
ADHD husband is a new man and I dont know who I am Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Jun 12
Wow - this explains soooo much! Parents of ADHD Children 1 Jun 12
ADHD, Anxiety, Panic Anxiety and ADHD 4 Jun 11
ADHD Medication Abuse? ADHD in the News and Media 2 Jun 11
Is it possible meds don't work? ADHD Medications 12 Jun 11
Ritalin makes me calmer ADHD Medications 2 Jun 11
Ritalin calms me Ritalin Reviews 2 Jun 11
starting on medicine Parents of ADHD Children 12 Jun 11
Finding a professional organizer in O.C. near L.A. ADHD Adults 1 Jun 10
Feedback on Wellbutrin ADHD Medications 1 Jun 10
How long will they need me? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 17 Jun 10
Do you ever wonder if someone will love your child? Christians With ADHD 5 Jun 09
Anxiety and ADHD medication Anxiety and ADHD 14 Jun 08
New Support Group In Illinois Couples With One ADHD Partner 0 Jun 08
Seeking Mutual Parent ADHD in Florida 2 Jun 08
What has worked for you? My Lifesavers Parents of ADHD Children 18 Jun 08
I am tired - non-ADD wife Couples With One ADHD Partner 11 Jun 08
So, You Think You Have ADHD? Is It ADHD? 1 Jun 07
Take action to Get Bill Passed for ADD ADHD Adults 1 Jun 07
Vyvanse help and confusion!!?? ADHD Medications 3 Jun 07
Now what? Psycologist, brain training? Parents of ADHD Children 17 Jun 07
Brand New Soon-To-Be Therapist ADHD Professionals 1 Jun 06
Help with finding a certified school psychologist. ADHD at School 5 Jun 06
How to deal with son's sad/mean comments Parents of ADHD Children 20 Jun 06
Adderall XR and Nuvaring ADHD Medications 1 Jun 06
briand362 ADHD in Massachusetts 1 Jun 06
How to handle Tics with ADHD child? ADHD in Boys 7 Jun 06
Ooooh, Shiny! ADHD Adults 7 Jun 06
Impulse Control and Picking up Gum on the ground Parents of ADHD Children 7 Jun 06
Anyone else sick of hearing- "but you're so smart..." ADHD and Gifted Adults 2 Jun 06
Wanted- Interior Designers specializing in ADD friendly homes ADHD Professionals 2 Jun 06
Focalin Nightmare ADHD Alternative Treatments 12 Jun 05
Lying and stealing Parents of ADHD Children 15 Jun 05
Teacher doesn't get it? ADHD at School 9 Jun 05
Difficulty with handwriting Parents of ADHD Children 20 Jun 04
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