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my 4 year old HELP! Parents of ADHD Children 7 Dec 19
Advice Anxiety and ADHD 4 Dec 19
My son is pulling out his eyelashes! Parents of ADHD Children 4 Dec 19
Single Out! What to do? ADHD in Boys 6 Dec 19
ADHD or Gifted Gifted ADHD Children 10 Dec 19
Wellbutrin Anxiety and ADHD 2 Dec 19
ADHD and ODD Child with Jealousy. Someone help!!!! Parents of ADHD Children 2 Dec 19
Diagnosis Causing Spouse to Rethink Relationship Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Dec 18
Med continuity.... ADHD in Women 1 Dec 18
New to this ADHD Adults 10 Dec 18
Does my ADHD daughter have OCD? ADHD in Girls 7 Dec 18
meds ADHD in Boys 1 Dec 18
Article from email newsletter. Sleep Issues and ADHD 2 Dec 18
Ritalin and other pills for ADHD tied to painful erections ADHD in Boys 0 Dec 18
theta wave intrusion-anyone had these type of issues Sleep Issues and ADHD 1 Dec 17
Medications ADHD Adults 4 Dec 17
ADD & moving on from relationships ADHD Adults 8 Dec 17
Looking for a school for my son in the Hyde Park area ADHD in Illinois 0 Dec 17
Single Parent of 9 almost 10 yr old boy Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 2 Dec 17
Adult ADHD at University in the UK? ADHD and College and Higher Education 1 Dec 17
PMS and ADHD, an unholy combination ADHD in Women 13 Dec 16
Bullying neighbor exploiting my ADHD against me ADHD in Massachusetts 2 Dec 16
Goes from Divorce one day to love the next - THe Runaway Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Dec 16
Medication Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 1 Dec 16
Trying to find help in the New York City area.... ADHD Adults 5 Dec 16
Trying medication - Any advice? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Dec 15
Newly diagnosed and want to get on track Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 2 Dec 15
New York Times story on ADHD - YIKES Parents of ADHD Children 13 Dec 15
What is the med the doctor prescribe at first? Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 1 Dec 15
getting my child with adhd to go to bed Parents of ADHD Children 7 Dec 14
Living with parents as an adult. ADHD Adults 9 Dec 14
I am ready to give up ADHD at Work 39 Dec 14
I need Help BAD ADHD Adults 14 Dec 14
Help Please ADHD Adults 7 Dec 14
Not sure if I have ADHD ADHD in Women 10 Dec 14
Diagnosis of ADHD as an adult ADHD Adults 2 Dec 14
Diagnosis of ADHD as an adult ADHD Adults 2 Dec 14
Referral, detention, repeat ADHD at School 8 Dec 14
do people tell you you talk too much????? ADHD Adults 13 Dec 14
Has anyone made the switch from Tenex (Guanfacine) to Intuniv? Parents of ADHD Children 3 Dec 13
Facing Reality Gifted ADHD Children 3 Dec 12
Homeschooling an ADHD child Parents of ADHD Children 3 Dec 12
Quillivant XR Parents of ADHD Children 8 Dec 12
please tell me someone has awncers to my problem ADHD in Women 9 Dec 12
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