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Anyone have an anti 9-5 solution? ADHD at Work 8 Oct 13
possibly adhd struggled with learning ADHD Adults 12 Oct 13
A Headsup: Bad Adderall shortage here in Central Virginia..... ADHD Adults 24 Oct 13
Heads up: SEVERE Adderall shortage in Central VA & Richmond!! ADHD Medications 3 Oct 13
consistent teaching method for ADHD students ADHD at School 11 Oct 13
Being laughed at on the playground Parents of ADHD Children 12 Oct 12
New to the patch Daytrana (Patch) Reviews 2 Oct 12
ADHD/Tics and Clonidine Parents of ADHD Children 6 Oct 12
Medications stop working Parents of ADHD Children 6 Oct 12
Time Management Mystery ADHD at Work 13 Oct 12
Retention from home studying to test time at school Parents of ADHD Children 7 Oct 12
Staggering Stats About ADHD ADHD in the News and Media 0 Oct 12
Urinating in inappropriate places? Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 6 Oct 12
Horrible Mornings Parents of ADHD Children 24 Oct 11
Horrible Mornings Vyvanse Reviews 10 Oct 11
Paraprofessional help need with my son. ADHD at School 2 Oct 11
Recently Diagnosed ADHD Adults 8 Oct 11
Anyone tried Brain Training like Learning Rx or Lumosity? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 11
What kind of social issues? ADHD in Girls 11 Oct 11
My son can be such an A** Parents of ADHD Children 17 Oct 11
Really need to find a good referral-- Gifted ADHD Children 4 Oct 11
HELP! My freshman daughter refuses to go to school. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 8 Oct 11
Trying to get a 504 for my 10th grader! Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 7 Oct 11
Distracted Driving Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 4 Oct 10
Re: Suppport Group In Queens ADHD in New York 2 Oct 10
Re: Alternative Treatments ADHD Alternative Treatments 3 Oct 10
Finding the Child-Like Joy Again Seniors With ADHD 4 Oct 09
Does it Get Any Better Than This ADHD Adults 3 Oct 09
Concerta, tics and tinnitus Concerta Reviews 6 Oct 08
Anxiety in 6 year old Anxiety and ADHD 4 Oct 08
7th grader in gifted school and hates it. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Oct 08
Intent vs. Action problems ADHD Leaders and Entrepreneurs 7 Oct 07
Support group in Panama City Beach, Florida ADHD in Florida 2 Oct 06
ADD Medicine!! ADHD Adults 13 Oct 06
My son has become a non-stop talking smart mouth! Is the age? Parents of ADHD Children 17 Oct 06
My son has become so obnoxious I can't stand him! ADHD in Boys 6 Oct 06
Moms' informal support group in central Iowa ADHD in Iowa 5 Oct 06
Having a hard time ADHD in Women 12 Oct 06
Spouse filled with resentment over my outbursts ADHD Adults 7 Oct 06
Helping spouse with resentment over my actions Anger Management and ADHD 6 Oct 06
New Parent Support Group in Northern VA - Join us! Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 2 Oct 05
any good schools in shanghai Parents of ADHD Children 0 Oct 05
Are your accomodations working? Parents of ADHD Children 22 Oct 05
Vyvanse/Tolerance Vyvanse Reviews 2 Oct 05
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