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Overseeing treatment - neurologist or psychiatrist? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 23
ADHD not treated fairly, then the bomb hit Gifted ADHD Children 5 Oct 23
Lack of Motivation, Anxiety, Depression Parents of ADHD Children 7 Oct 23
Doctor wants to treat anxiety before treating adhd Anxiety and ADHD 12 Oct 23
Help Please! ADHD at School 10 Oct 22
Young Adults (18-24) w/ ADHD Needed for Paid Online Research ADHD Adults 4 Oct 22
Vitamin D, B and Omega-3 ADHD Product Reviews 8 Oct 22
any local support groups in SE St. Paul area? ADHD in Minnesota 1 Oct 22
Methylphenidate for a 5 year old Parents of ADHD Children 15 Oct 22
WET NOODLE SYNDROME! Depression and ADHD 10 Oct 22
my fate ADHD Adults 6 Oct 22
Lost Parents of ADHD Children 14 Oct 21
7th grade son in need of advice Gifted ADHD Children 8 Oct 21
What do I say to a Doctor? ADHD in Women 4 Oct 21
New to Board ADHD Adults 8 Oct 21
Scared all the time - is this an ADHD thing or something else? ADHD in Boys 6 Oct 21
Meds or not? ADHD in Women 13 Oct 21
New diagnosis, meds or not?? Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 4 Oct 21
9 year old son plays soccer and is very aggressive ADHD and Sports 0 Oct 21
Research on the quick ADHD Adults 2 Oct 20
How to combat apathy? Depression and ADHD 9 Oct 20
Newly Diagnosed ADHD and Low Dose of Adderall Making Me Worse! Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 2 Oct 19
Explaining the use of meds to an 8 year old. Parents of ADHD Children 3 Oct 19
Beyond frustrated Parents of ADHD Children 8 Oct 19
need help! ADHD at School 4 Oct 19
Don't go without an Advocate.. Parents of ADHD Children 4 Oct 18
Bullying Parents of ADHD Preteens 3 Oct 18
Am I just spining my wheels setting up an IEP meeting? Parents of ADHD Children 7 Oct 18
Just diagnosed w/ Adult ADHD, Depression, GAD/SAD, Panic Disorder ADHD in Women 2 Oct 18
Support group in Sarasota? Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 1 Oct 18
He's in denial and driving me crazy Seniors With ADHD 3 Oct 18
Complaints from my boss about perceived adhd symptoms ADHD at Work 3 Oct 18
ADHD Dad raising ADHD teens by myself Parents of ADHD Children 3 Oct 18
I really need help, I am an ADHD mom to a Gifted Adhd 9 year old Gifted ADHD Children 7 Oct 17
ADHD treatment and High deductible medical plan Parents of ADHD Children 2 Oct 17
Inattentive ADD and mind racing Parents of ADHD Children 23 Oct 17
Looking for joy in my marriage to ADHD husband ADHD Adults 21 Oct 17
Adult Son with Firearms Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 7 Oct 17
Miserable and probably about to get fired ADHD Adults 4 Oct 17
ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and pre-menopausal. ADHD in Women 1 Oct 17
Depression, anxiety, bipolar, add/adhd ... Anxiety and ADHD 4 Oct 17
Question ADHD Adults 4 Oct 17
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