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How to deal with unsympathetic parents? ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 Apr 20
Angry Argumentative Son Parents of ADHD Children 8 Apr 20
Am I wrong for putting my child in public school? Christians With ADHD 6 Apr 20
Really Bad Temper Tantrums or Melt downs Vyvanse Reviews 3 Apr 20
Sudden, temporary addictions ADHD Adults 6 Apr 20
i nead help with my iep 504 somthing trying to get my ged ADHD Adults 6 Apr 19
thanks additude, its hard alone ADHD Adults 10 Apr 19
I am doing research on children with ADHD ADHD Alternative Treatments 5 Apr 19
Gifted children with impulse control and school's response? Gifted ADHD Children 12 Apr 18
2nd grade handwriting ADHD at School 7 Apr 18
Teacher recommending dosage increase ADHD at School 6 Apr 18
ADHD & reading disorder with high IQ ADHD at School 10 Apr 18
What happened our profile photo's? ADHD Adults 0 Apr 17
landmark college Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 9 Apr 17
ADHD 2nd grade boy, tired teachers ADHD at School 4 Apr 17
ADHD Daughter w/ Depression - What to Do? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 13 Apr 17
Foot-in-mouth syndrome ADHD Adults 17 Apr 17
Searching for somebody/someplace to diagnosae... ADHD in California 3 Apr 17
Anyone else try this? Treating ADHD on a Budget 4 Apr 15
1st grade accomodations - not sure what to ask for Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 15
Spring Update:Confused ADHD Adults 0 Apr 14
Desoxyn Oklahoma City ADHD Adults 0 Apr 14
Florida parents: Looking for advise and info on FCAT Parents of ADHD Children 2 Apr 13
Is everyone too modest to post in this group? ADHD and Gifted Adults 7 Apr 13
Finding a job that fits ADHD and my life??? ADHD at Work 8 Apr 13
Adding Prozac to stimulant- side effects? Parents of ADHD Children 1 Apr 13
stopping concerta cold turkey ADHD Adults 3 Apr 12
Gifted Eligibility Meeting Tomorrow...Advice?! Gifted ADHD Children 13 Apr 12
Ace Reader Info?? ADHD Product Reviews 1 Apr 12
New fears & anxiety Parents of ADHD Children 17 Apr 12
My employment history and gaps due to ADHD & depression ADHD at Work 4 Apr 12
Disturbing bathroom related issues Parents of ADHD Children 21 Apr 12
ARG! ADHD Teens and Young Adults 4 Apr 12
Private Practice ADHD in California 2 Apr 12
More questions & advice, non stop talking... Parents of ADHD Children 7 Apr 11
How do you get your child to take the meds Parents of ADHD Children 10 Apr 11
Love my job but not many options to stay on ADHD at Work 1 Apr 11
ADD single mom with an ADHD son Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 5 Apr 11
Bedtime is a nightmare again - help! ADHD in Girls 13 Apr 11
Adult ADHD going to pediatrician? ADHD Medications 3 Apr 11
17 year old daughter failing every class/lying to avoid trouble Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Apr 10
Does anyone know what to do? Parents of ADHD Children 11 Apr 10
Teen troubles Parents of ADHD Children 7 Apr 10
Parent of a 19 year old college student, with no insurance Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 Apr 09
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