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And I am thinking of leaving a job to find another.... ADHD Adults 2 Apr 23
how to handle emotional 6year old ADHD in Girls 8 Apr 23
Spring Fever - Feeling at a loss as to what to do... Parents of ADHD Children 10 Apr 22
Need support ADHD at School 16 Apr 22
Does Ritalin help w/ADHD Behaviors? Ritalin Reviews 2 Apr 21
ADHD meds aggrivating ODD? Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 21
Realty Check... ADHD Adults 8 Apr 21
I am having a hard time finding Adderall in the Brand ADHD Medications 10 Apr 21
I have one, pretty sure the next Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 Apr 20
Behavior Management a Necessity Parents of ADHD Children 1 Apr 20
Problems with hitting, social skills, and impulsivity Parents of ADHD Children 13 Apr 20
recently put on Tenex (intuniv) HELP please ADHD in Girls 3 Apr 20
Please Help Me!!!! Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 7 Apr 20
Intuniv ADHD Adults 1 Apr 19
Help for my son's aggression and school issues.... Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 2 Apr 19
Impulsivity, agression, and hitting at to help? ADHD in Boys 3 Apr 19
How do I help him ADHD in Boys 2 Apr 19
Need advice getting off antidepressant. ADHD in Women 3 Apr 19
Strattera side effects Strattera Reviews 1 Apr 19
Playdates at other houses ADHD in Boys 2 Apr 19
sensory overload Gifted ADHD Children 5 Apr 18
Testimonies of God's Goodness Christians With ADHD 10 Apr 18
12 Days into Adderall Prescription ADHD Medications 0 Apr 18
Advice on Intuniv Parents of ADHD Children 3 Apr 18
Zoloft and ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 9 Apr 18
Online Depression Support Group ADHD in Women 1 Apr 18
Online Depression Support Group Bipolar Disorder and ADHD 4 Apr 18
Online Depression Support Group ADHD Adults 0 Apr 18
Considering Charter school with homeschool component ADHD at School 2 Apr 17
Anyone in Howard County? ADHD in Maryland 1 Apr 17
ADHD and Thunderstorms Anxiety and ADHD 5 Apr 17
School issues Parents of ADHD Children 4 Apr 17
Attention Teachers! ADHD Educators 12 Apr 17
Self-Diagnosed, now what's next? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 2 Apr 17
Do I tell a love interest I have hurt, that I have ADHD too? Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 2 Apr 17
Synaptol natural remedy Parents of ADHD Children 6 Apr 16
Picky eater and then some Parents of ADHD Children 7 Apr 16
losing self worth Depression and ADHD 4 Apr 16
Side effects with Abilify ADHD Medications 5 Apr 16
Lose my focus ADHD Adults 3 Apr 16
A newer view of ADHD - a good read! ADHD Adults 6 Apr 16
being at peace with treatment choices... Parents of ADHD Children 17 Apr 16
8 year old daughter with ADD Parents of ADHD Children 4 Apr 16
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