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Just diagnosed 5yr old-any IEP help/suggestions Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 1 Nov 22
Just Diagnosed Yesterday. Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 3 Nov 22
Lack of motivation. What to do? ADHD Adults 12 Nov 21
Lots of emotions goin on right now (bloggy) ADHD in Women 3 Nov 21
Too Much Sleep??? Sleep Issues and ADHD 7 Nov 20
Hypersensitivity to Touch/Dating ADHD Singles 8 Nov 20
Living Overseas with ADHD ADHD Adults 4 Nov 20
Frustrated and don't know where to turn... ADHD at School 7 Nov 20
Focalin XR 10mg ADHD Medications 1 Nov 20
Young Adult support Groups in NYC Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 5 Nov 19
Barbara arrowsmith young teaching of benefit to ADHD ADHD Professionals 0 Nov 19
Are your senses on alert, often? ADHD Adults 22 Nov 19
help. Kept being told it is all about discipline ADHD in Boys 13 Nov 19
Flu like symptoms on Vyvanse ADHD Medications 2 Nov 19
16 Year Old Grandson Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 0 Nov 19
Impulsivity and lack of commitment. Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Nov 18
New to this - Positive I have ADHD (no treatment yet) ADHD Adults 11 Nov 18
A week with no children ADHD Adults 6 Nov 18
Re: Support Group In NYC ADHD Adults 0 Nov 16
8yr old girl still hitting impulsively ADHD in Girls 2 Nov 16
School guidance councillors ADHD at School 5 Nov 16
I Need Advice--And Quickly! (I'm very impatient by nature :) ) ADHD Adults 17 Nov 16
New job paperwork feels inasive ADHD at Work 6 Nov 16
ADHD in the Caribbean ADHD Educators 2 Nov 16
What can teachers do with disruptive kids ADHD at School 1 Nov 15
Resources for ADHD and OCD ADHD in Maryland 2 Nov 15
Maryland Resources fo ADHD and OCD Vyvanse Reviews 0 Nov 15
New to this ADHD in Girls 4 Nov 15
Medication-Use or Not? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 8 Nov 15
New Parent Dealing with an 8-year old gifted/ADHD child Gifted ADHD Children 7 Nov 15
I hate school. It is way to hard ADHD at School 7 Nov 15
Where do we go with our son? Is there NOWHERE? HELP please! ADHD at School 12 Nov 15
ADHD Essays - a Blog Depression and ADHD 0 Nov 14
Support Groups ?? Anxiety and ADHD 2 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD at Work 0 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD Singles 0 Nov 14
ADHD Essays - a Blog ADHD Adults 1 Nov 14
I think they want to get rid of me. ADHD at Work 10 Nov 14
Support groups ?? Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 14
ADHD Parent Support Group In Ozaukee County ADHD in Wisconsin 2 Nov 14
Strange, unlisted side effect? Concerta Reviews 4 Nov 14
I just don't understand! ADHD in Women 7 Nov 14
My son and his jealousy ADHD at School 2 Nov 14
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