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New here and needing advice Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 6 Sep 20
I need a doctor ... SAN FRANCICO CA ADHD in California 3 Sep 20
Why do I want a Re-do...Rewind button somedays? ADHD Adults 6 Sep 20
Note taking in middle school Parents of ADHD Children 12 Sep 20
Affordable Adult ADD coaching? ADHD Adults 7 Sep 20
What do you do for your gifted ADHDer who is giving up? Gifted ADHD Children 8 Sep 19
Money Help!!!!! ADHD Adults 12 Sep 19
Does anyone have suggestions for getting a complete diagnosis? Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD 5 Sep 19
accomplishments ... Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 3 Sep 19
my daughter rights in a private school Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 19
What I'll do for ADHD week in October Parents of ADHD Preteens 3 Sep 18
"Tools of the Mind" / Vygotsky for ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 2 Sep 18
Act your age... NOT! Christians With ADHD 4 Sep 18
Mood Swings ADHD Adults 4 Sep 18
Trying to wean off the meds after 7 years?! ADHD Medications 7 Sep 17
What Tools Do You Use? Inattentive ADHD 12 Sep 17
speaking before thinking?? ADHD Adults 11 Sep 17
What meds have been used to help with anger Anger Management and ADHD 7 Sep 16
Work and my ADHD son ADHD at Work 2 Sep 15
Distractions on internet sites ADHD Adults 13 Sep 15
Went through the ADHD evaluation process today ADHD Adults 10 Sep 15
severe ADHD and Asperger~ treatment suggestions Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD 5 Sep 15
How Long Is the Wait for an IEP? Parents of ADHD Children 5 Sep 15
How long did it take you to get your child an IEP? ADHD at School 1 Sep 15
Emotional Outbursts ADHD in Women 11 Sep 15
Take This Survey to Help Event-Planning for ADHD Awareness Week ADHD in the News and Media 0 Sep 14
I gotton another email from my sons teacher dunno what to do ADHD at School 9 Sep 14
Should I accept a job offer knowing it's fast paced? ADHD at Work 7 Sep 14
What to expect - the 504 plan. Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 14
Taking Meds Vs. Working In a Field One Loves -- Pros/Cons? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 2 Sep 13
ADHD Children and Pets Parents of ADHD Children 17 Sep 13
Try ADHD stimulants or not???? ADHD Medications 0 Sep 13
Rocky Marriage and Kids w/ADD.. Help!!! ADHD in Men 7 Sep 13
Medication and Marijuana Smoking, Drinking, Substance Abuse, and ADHD 5 Sep 13
How to help the teacher understand my daughter's ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 11 Sep 13
Information on multi-generational ADHD? ADHD Adults 9 Sep 13
ADD and forgiveness ADHD Adults 7 Sep 13
Anyone from BC ADHD in Canada 1 Sep 13
ADD and Self-Esteem Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 13
Picking Parents of ADHD Children 9 Sep 13
Meds and blood pressure ADHD Adults 6 Sep 13
Looking for advice PLEASE! Parents of ADHD Children 17 Sep 13
just diagnosed at 52 Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 3 Sep 13
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