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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Talking Back Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 08
4 yo just diagnosed with ADHD and put on Quillavent XR Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 1 Sep 08
Starting my son on Focalin...Any experiences out there? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 08
Girlfriend accepting partners ADHD Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Sep 07
need some guidence..... ADHD Adults 14 Sep 07
So many questions .... ADHD Adults 8 Sep 07
Dental hygiene and ADD ADHD at Work 10 Sep 07
Effectiveness of Stim Meds in kids Abstract. Parents of ADHD Children 2 Sep 07
Does anyone who specializes in ADHD take insurance? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 Sep 07
Hello. I am new to this group ADHD Adults 16 Sep 07
Tips for newly diagnosed??? ADHD in Women 11 Sep 07
Questions about Vyvanse ADHD in Women 5 Sep 06
Changing medication for the first time Parents of ADHD Preteens 7 Sep 06
Are there any ADHD kids In Anne Arundel County? ADHD in Maryland 1 Sep 05
How can I meet them half way Parents of ADHD Children 11 Sep 05
In attention in the classroom ADHD in Louisiana 1 Sep 05
How do you cope with raising an ADHD pre-teen? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 05
Thanks to all ADHD in Women 1 Sep 05
Undiagnosed ADHD has lost me: My family, 10+ jobs, 16 homes... ADHD Adults 4 Sep 05
Trust Issues ADHD Singles 6 Sep 05
Child Psychiatrist in Columbus, Ohio ADHD in Ohio 3 Sep 04
Hoping she will grow out of this... Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 04
How do I tell the difference? ADHD in Boys 2 Sep 04
Any advice please...I am lost Parents of ADHD Children 10 Sep 04
Sneaky protien sources? ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain 10 Sep 04
Taking Medicine Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 03
Suspicious ADHD Adults 6 Sep 03
Seeing a psychiatrist today...any tips? ADHD Adults 10 Sep 03
Question concerning medication? ADHD Professionals 1 Sep 03
Medication not working well ADHD and College and Higher Education 5 Sep 03
Medication: Any Advice? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 3 Sep 03
Medication Question ADHD Adults 9 Sep 03
Is anyone else out there as indecisive as I am? ADHD Adults 13 Sep 03
Is it just me or do others keep getting redirected to Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 2 Sep 02
Medication questions ADHD Adults 3 Sep 02
brand new here. about 5 minutes ago ADHD in Women 1 Sep 02
habits grate on my nerves Parents of ADHD Preteens 3 Sep 02
Flylady's Monthly Habit: Before Bed Routine! ADHD Adults 12 Sep 02
support groups in Maryland Couples With One ADHD Partner 1 Sep 01
Trouble with follow through ADHD in Boys 2 Sep 01
Does my ADHD limit my effectiveness as a Christian witness? Christians With ADHD 4 Sep 01
Ever get mistaken for psychic or prophetic when it's just ADD? Christians With ADHD 8 Sep 01
adhd and pica Parents of ADHD Children 6 Sep 01
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