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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

ADHD in Boys 2 Nov 02
New Medication Parents of ADHD Children 13 Nov 02
IEP meeting Friday - how to get the school to do more Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 12 Nov 02
Should I butt in?? Parents of ADHD Children 10 Nov 01
Buproprion XL to SR switch ADHD Medications 3 Nov 01
Newly Diagnosed - Prescribed Intuniv/Guanfacine Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 4 Nov 01
Help!!! 7 year old with Anxiety, ADHD and ODD Anxiety and ADHD 7 Nov 01
So happy to have found you all ADHD in Australia 3 Nov 01
I am so lost Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 Nov 01
First term is almsot over- everything seems to be unravelling. ADHD and College and Higher Education 8 Nov 01
New wife with ADD Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Nov 01
How do I get my son to make OCD mangement a priority? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD 2 Oct 31
Doing Your Best ADHD Adults 2 Oct 31
Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 1 Oct 31
How to regain confidence and lack of hope/depression symptoms ADHD Adults 7 Oct 31
Looking for Asian family with school age child in New York Parents of ADHD Preteens 1 Oct 31
Asian family with children with ADHD ADHD in New York 1 Oct 31
Demonized by spouse Couples With One ADHD Partner 4 Oct 31
How do you deal with hyperfocus? Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Oct 31
After School Activities ADHD Medications 3 Oct 31
Concerta and headaches? ADHD Medications 2 Oct 30
Straterra Questions ADHD Medications 3 Oct 30
Which child do I listen to? Parents of ADHD Children 4 Oct 30
Is the school required to provide tutoring under a 504 plan? ADHD at School 5 Oct 30
Problem with little things... Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 3 Oct 29
Request for prayer Christians With ADHD 1 Oct 29
Any experiences with getting a 504 for a G/T kid with ADHD Gifted ADHD Children 12 Oct 28
Need help getting motivation! ADHD Adults 19 Oct 28
The behavior is BACK! ADHD at School 5 Oct 28
Is an RV One Answer? ADHD Adults 10 Oct 28
Fraternal twin 11 year old brothers ADHD in Boys 1 Oct 28
ADHD Mom and ADHD 4 year old Battle of wills Parents With ADHD 4 Oct 28
When to let your child fail? ADHD at School 12 Oct 28
Elementary education and ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 28
My son is pushing people away by being so intense. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 8 Oct 28
should we tell the whole class about my son's adhd? ADHD at School 10 Oct 27
Newer relationship... both went into being DX'd... love! Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 5 Oct 27
Brain Balance Centers Parents of ADHD Children 3 Oct 27
suggestions for a friend Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Oct 27
My son is driving me crazy!!!! Parents of ADHD Children 5 Oct 27
housewife help needed!!! ADHD Adults 26 Oct 26
Ashamed of my ADD Christians With ADHD 10 Oct 26
alone in the peach state ADHD in Georgia 4 Oct 26
Tekkies: best OS for organization apps - apple vs android ADHD Adults 8 Oct 26
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