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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

In Crisis Mode Right Now Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 29
Constant Noise Making Parents of ADHD Children 6 Sep 29
Your Good, But Just Not Good Enough ADHD Adults 17 Sep 29
Your good, yet just not good enough! Vyvanse Reviews 0 Sep 29
Does anyone know where I can purchase OT equipment for my home? ADHD Product Reviews 4 Sep 29
A Good Book Christians With ADHD 6 Sep 29
Out of ideas Parents of ADHD Children 11 Sep 28
PMDD, Bipolar and ADHD ADHD Adults 8 Sep 28
Coach wants him to "listen the first time!" Parents of ADHD Children 16 Sep 28
Newly Diagnosed 3rd Grader; Tips for School work? ADHD in Boys 4 Sep 28
Depression now? Time for testing? HELP! Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 28
frasturated and overwhemed ADHD Adults 8 Sep 28
Parents of ADHD kids in The Woodlands Area ADHD in Texas 5 Sep 28
Dealing With Defiance Parents of ADHD Children 9 Sep 28
What to do when the meds run out... Parents of ADHD Children 12 Sep 27
The little girl with a big God, and awesome Adhd Christians With ADHD 7 Sep 27
ritalin doesn't seem to be working HELP ADHD Adults 8 Sep 27
Tenex and Adderall XR ADHD Medications 0 Sep 27
I want to talk Parents of ADHD Children 2 Sep 27
Does anyone know of support groups in the green county area ADHD in Wisconsin 1 Sep 27
Web resources for teaching materials? Parents of ADHD Children 0 Sep 27
Interesting article ADHD at School 0 Sep 26
a new road Parents of ADHD Children 1 Sep 26
What does God want from me? Christians With ADHD 5 Sep 26
Only can focus VERY first thing when I wake up. Literally. ADHD Adults 9 Sep 26
Adult Support Group ADHD in Connecticut 21 Sep 26
Coach support sessions ADHD Coaches 3 Sep 26
Vyvanse wearing off too early -- any advice? ADHD Medications 5 Sep 26
Impuluse control or just missing the person? Help! Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 3 Sep 25
Interested in speaking Parents of ADHD Preteens 0 Sep 25
Interested in speaking Parents of ADHD Children 9 Sep 25
Overwhelmed ADHD in Florida 5 Sep 25
Need Help Desparate (15 Year) boy in Adolecense(ADHD/ODD) Parents of ADHD Children 9 Sep 25
Not Passing in School Christians With ADHD 2 Sep 25
Recently diagnosed Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 2 Sep 25
Newly Diagnosed Teenager ADHD in Boys 7 Sep 25
child with multiple health issues ADHD and Homeschooling 2 Sep 25
Recently diagnosed teenager Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 Sep 25
Will you help me with my research? ADHD and College and Higher Education 2 Sep 25
Anyone want to help me with my research? Smoking, Drinking, Substance Abuse, and ADHD 2 Sep 25
Need particitipants for research of Masters Thesis ADHD in Women 14 Sep 25
Need participants for graduate thesis research ADHD in Ohio 1 Sep 25
Referrals needed for participants in Graduate Thesis ADHD Professionals 7 Sep 25
social skill groups ADHD in Ohio 2 Sep 24
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