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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Pregnant/new Mama meds & tips ADHD Adults 2 Jun 08
The Internet & ADD/HD ADHD Adults 10 Jun 08
Welcome Texas Families! ADHD in Texas 16 Jun 08
Rewards Parents of ADHD Children 11 Jun 08
Just to introduce myself ADHD in Michigan 2 Jun 08
Bad Attitude Parents of ADHD Children 20 Jun 07
Bad Attitude Parents of ADHD Children 3 Jun 07
Bad Attitude Parents of ADHD Children 1 Jun 07
Bad Attitude Parents of ADHD Children 5 Jun 07
What Stage of Diangosis and Treatment Are You In? Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 9 Jun 07
The Playground ADHD at School 0 Jun 05
College Accommodation Ideas? ADHD at School 5 Jun 05
Medication help ADHD Medications 6 Jun 04
High School or Private? ADHD at School 6 Jun 04
Proper Diagnosis? Anxiety and ADHD 2 Jun 04
To Tell or Not To Tell? ADHD at Work 34 Jun 03
A home helper? Parents of ADHD Children 2 Jun 03
help Parents With ADHD 1 Jun 03
can't sleep ADHD Adults 5 Jun 03
Forgetting to take meds ADHD Medications 9 Jun 03
Impulse Control Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 15 Jun 03
Pros and Cons of retaining a child with LD/ADHD in school ADHD at School 6 Jun 03
Life ADHD Adults 13 Jun 02
boyfriend might have adhd Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Jun 01
Impulsivity ADHD Adults 23 Jun 01
Welcome Virginia Families! ADHD in Virginia 22 Jun 01
Welcome Utah Families! ADHD in Utah 18 Jun 01
Welcome South Carolina Families! ADHD in South Carolina 10 Jun 01
Welcome New Jersey Families! ADHD in New Jersey 11 Jun 01
Welcome Nebraska Families! ADHD in Nebraska 11 Jun 01
Welcome Kansas Families! ADHD in Kansas 3 Jun 01
Welcome Canadian Families! ADHD in Canada 13 Jun 01
Welcome Pennsylvania Families! ADHD in Pennsylvania 25 Jun 01
Welcome Washington Families! ADHD in Washington 13 Jun 01
Welcome D.C. Families! ADHD in Washington, DC 5 Jun 01
Anxiety Anxiety and ADHD 6 Jun 01
Teacher's Failure to comply with IEP ADHD at School 8 Jun 01
Denial is the additional problem! Couples With One ADHD Partner 8 May 31
Medication ADHD Adults 10 May 31
Am I cutout to be what I am now? ADHD at Work 12 May 31
high school and ADD ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 May 31
add and Aniexty Anxiety and ADHD 10 May 31
ADD, Anxiety, Depression ADHD Adults 9 May 31
Stop negative bashing of self ADHD Adults 27 May 30
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