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Welfare worker accused me of munchousen bi proxy Learning Disabilities and ADHD 7 Nov 13
Locked myself in the bathroom Parents of ADHD Children 11 Nov 13
hurting myself Depression and ADHD 2 Nov 13
If you run out of medication ADHD Adults 11 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship ADHD Adults 2 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship Parents of ADHD Children 0 Nov 12
The Shire ADHD Scholarship ADHD at School 0 Nov 12
Help with behavior issues ADHD in Boys 15 Nov 12
Any one have a hx of poor relationship due to ADHD? ADHD Adults 4 Nov 12
Ugh!! Ever feel like a criminal trying to get meds? ADHD Adults 8 Nov 12
Adult Psychologist ADHD in Georgia 2 Nov 12
Need coach for inattentive adult add live in laguna niguel, ca ADHD in California 0 Nov 11
Son gives up on anything that's difficult Parents of ADHD Children 9 Nov 11
Going Back to University, with late diagnosis ADHD and College and Higher Education 5 Nov 10
Looking for ADHD children + parents to talk to in San Francisco ADHD in California 4 Nov 10
Hopeless Christians With ADHD 7 Nov 10
How to find what I'm good at (following Dr. Hallowell's advice) ADHD Adults 6 Nov 09
What headache medicine can I take while I take Adderall? ADHD Adults 3 Nov 09
Newly Diagnosed ADD at 61. Tampa Bay Area ADHD in Florida 3 Nov 09
Adrerall tolerance, how do I make my stimulant meds work better? ADHD Medications 4 Nov 09
I feel so guilty about my son being on Vyvance Parents of ADHD Children 6 Nov 09
Anyone with a impulsive type daughter out there? ADHD in Girls 32 Nov 09
How Can I Stay Fresh and Positive Instead of Resentful? Parents of ADHD Preteens 8 Nov 08
Week 2 and still not sleeping well as side effect ADHD Medications 12 Nov 08
sleep of the dead. . how to wake up Sleep Issues and ADHD 4 Nov 08
Waking up at night Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 08
mood and decsions ADHD Medications 4 Nov 08
Teen Daughter on Car Holiday with Friends Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 0 Nov 08
So tired of homework struggles! Parents of ADHD Children 13 Nov 08
skip days ADHD Medications 5 Nov 07
Headaches, stomach aches, loss of appetite Parents of ADHD Children 5 Nov 07
Multi-tasking vs Switch-tasking ADHD Adults 6 Nov 07
Extreme obsessions Parents of ADHD Children 18 Nov 06
ADHD at work, my boss knows and it helps. ADHD at Work 7 Nov 06
Adult Diagnosis after Child Diagnosis Parents of ADHD Children 10 Nov 06
Let's talk about SEX! Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Nov 06
An intersting article on Attention Issues Parents of ADHD Children 1 Nov 06
Two Questions Parents of ADHD Children 11 Nov 05
ADD coaches or support groups ADHD in Ohio 1 Nov 05
Going to the store Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 1 Nov 05
Going to the store Parents of ADHD Children 11 Nov 05
What should I do? ADHD at Work 8 Nov 05
First Day on Adderall XR- Is this typical? ADHD in Women 5 Nov 04
Tell me...what's my next step? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Nov 04
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