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What has worked with your child who has ADHD? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Dec 21
New in Miami Need support group/ADHD Adult Psychiatrist ADHD in Florida 0 Dec 21
Self-Diagnosed ADHD Adults 9 Dec 21
It Feel Like He's Ashamed to Be in Public With Me Couples With One ADHD Partner 10 Dec 21
Anger and ADHD? Couples With One ADHD Partner 8 Dec 21
Vyvanse and Moodiness! What to do?? Parents of ADHD Children 6 Dec 21
504 Qualification Parents of ADHD Children 0 Dec 20
BRAVO Couples With One ADHD Partner 12 Dec 20
Vyvance vs Dextroamphetamine ADHD Medications 4 Dec 19
Diagnosing our 5 year old Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 19
Supplements for children with Inattentive ADD Parents of ADHD Children 19 Dec 19
Moving from ADHD diagnosis to Aspergers diagnosis Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD 3 Dec 19
The Parent-Child Relationship... Couples With One ADHD Partner 16 Dec 19
Newly Diagnosed Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 7 Dec 19
Spousal Support Group in my area. ADHD in Pennsylvania 2 Dec 19
New to this group Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 18 Dec 19
Newly Diagnosed...and Lost ADHD Adults 5 Dec 19
Hemoglobin low ADHD Medications 1 Dec 19
New here, introducing myself ADHD Adults 4 Dec 18
ADHD is not a mental illness!! ADHD at School 10 Dec 18
Help Parents of ADHD Children 12 Dec 18
Running out of patience Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Dec 18
Child will take adhd meds but not others Parents of ADHD Children 1 Dec 18
Medication/Heart Stuff ADHD Medications 5 Dec 18
504 necessary? ADHD at School 0 Dec 18
I need encouraging words. ADHD Adults 14 Dec 17
Swimming Parents of ADHD Children 8 Dec 17
What is the latest in ADD medication? ADHD in Women 3 Dec 17
What next after diagnosis? ADHD in Women 7 Dec 16
New-How to deal with Impulsivity Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 16
Vyvanse for inattentive ADD Parents of ADHD Children 19 Dec 16
Need Help/ Self Diagnosis ADHD Adults 11 Dec 16
is it possible for my ADHD son to have ODD Parents of ADHD Children 13 Dec 16
Why should I change ADHD Adults 7 Dec 15
Is it just my son??HELP ADHD at School 2 Dec 15
Irritated by sniffing ADHD in Men 5 Dec 15
School Acccomodations Lacking - help? ADHD in Illinois 2 Dec 14
SPD, OCD, & ADHD Kindergarden son not approved for an IEP ADHD at School 3 Dec 14
suggestions on adding accomodations to 504 for my adhd son ADHD at School 2 Dec 13
Meeting with obstinate HS principal today-need advice Parents of ADHD Children 7 Dec 13
Doing a PhD with ADHD ADHD and Gifted Adults 11 Dec 13
How do I educate my son's teacher... Parents of ADHD Children 14 Dec 13
ADHD in Waterbury Connecticut area ADHD in Connecticut 5 Dec 13
Learning to build better character with ADHD ADHD Adults 6 Dec 13
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