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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Cuting grocery bill in half, creating meal plan ADHD Adults 4 May 19
Seeking Social Skills Group for Kids South Jersey ADHD in New Jersey 1 May 19
ADD/PTSD/Anxiety---Blurting things out Anxiety and ADHD 5 May 19
It happened again!, Help! Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 May 19
Anyone willing to participate:I'm writing positive ADHD research? ADHD in Women 12 May 19
please help with important positive ADHD research!!! ADHD at Work 3 May 19
No wonder.... Anxiety and ADHD 2 May 19
Daughter with extreme anxiety and adhd Anxiety and ADHD 11 May 18
Party Tuesday. MY HOUSE. Cleaning Advice? ADHD Adults 14 May 18
Repeating 6th grade ADHD at School 3 May 18
Stuttering as a side effect? Parents of ADHD Children 3 May 17
Sports and meds? Parents of ADHD Children 15 May 17
ADHD, PTSD, Depression and Narcolepsy Anxiety and ADHD 7 May 17
Trouble at school for 6yo ADHD at School 3 May 17
Parenting Conflicts Parents of ADHD Preteens 1 May 17
Tics as a side effect Parents of ADHD Children 22 May 17
Instagram!!! Parents of ADHD Children 3 May 17
Never Receiving Student of the Month- Discrimination? ADHD at School 3 May 16
Seeking Young Adults with ADD/ADHD and have cool jobs! ADHD Leaders and Entrepreneurs 0 May 16
The Blame Game Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 May 15
Need advice before I do/say something crazy! ADHD Adults 8 May 15
Won't ask for help. Parents of ADHD Children 7 May 15
it ruined our marriage Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 May 15
To many issues ADHD at School 2 May 15
ADHD specialists Sydney Australia? ADHD in Women 4 May 15
ADHD Meds Causing Anger ADHD Medications 5 May 15
Need help with my 14 year son Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 May 15
Employment guidance any one? ADHD in North Carolina 3 May 15
Any support or groups or individuals in Statesville or area arou? ADHD in North Carolina 0 May 15
Do others with add have this problem at work. ADHD Adults 9 May 15
Impulse control and endings ADHD Adults 10 May 15
Mallinckrodt generic concerta does NOT work Parents of ADHD Children 16 May 15
inattention or drug effect ADHD in Girls 2 May 15
Books and learning material Parents of ADHD Children 2 May 15
How does one explain ADHD to your spouse? ADHD Adults 11 May 14
Inattentive ADD and Omega 3 dose in children Parents of ADHD Children 2 May 14
Help in schools?! Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 5 May 14
Adderall not working ADHD Medications 10 May 14
how do i help my boyfriend to feel less restless and sleep better Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 May 14
Standardized Testing not following my daughter's IEP Parents of ADHD Children 1 May 14
My 8yr old just swore at hockey! Parents of ADHD Children 8 May 14
Is my wife taking too much Ritalin? ADHD Medications 5 May 14
Being on time for everything except the most important ADHD Leaders and Entrepreneurs 1 May 13
Hi everyone! Christians With ADHD 5 May 13
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