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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Are there any negatives to having an IEP? ADHD at School 10 Aug 31
need help!!!!! ADHD and College and Higher Education 8 Aug 31
Opinion re: checking references ADHD at Work 5 Aug 31
Getting New Diagnosis ADHD in Women 1 Aug 31
Rut Buster??? ADHD Adults 6 Aug 30
Boyfriend starting college with ADHD ADHD and College and Higher Education 12 Aug 30
IEP VS 504 plan Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 30
Starting a ADD/ADHD club in high school? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 Aug 30
not yet formally diagnosed but told to approach as if ADHD, Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 3 Aug 30
Where do we get help! Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 30
How to change from 10 years speed selfmedicating to medicine? Smoking, Drinking, Substance Abuse, and ADHD 7 Aug 30
Starting fires.. ADHD in Boys 6 Aug 30
task focus leaves me stressed ADHD at Work 7 Aug 30
Lord, help us all. Three in one family is TOO MANY ADHD in Women 4 Aug 30
Would love some thoughts/ideas/perspectives... ADHD at School 5 Aug 29
Does my child still have ADHD?? Help!! ADHD in Boys 7 Aug 29
ADHD Relationships ADHD Adults 2 Aug 29
getting 14 yr old girl to help herself Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 10 Aug 29
ADHD and college ADHD Adults 3 Aug 29
I feel like my body is always working against me... ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain 1 Aug 29
Impulse Control Treatment Ideas Parents of ADHD Children 9 Aug 29
How to deal with medication issues Parents of ADHD Children 2 Aug 28
ADDitude Poll: What helps you to stay on task? ADHD Adults 21 Aug 28
How can I properly encourage him in hockey ADHD and Sports 5 Aug 28
Do privileges for non ADHD teens need to be the same? Parents of ADHD Children 5 Aug 28
I'm not alone!!!!! ADHD Adults 7 Aug 28
Using Meds and Natural Supplements ADHD in Women 7 Aug 28
Bill of Rights for Children with ADHD..... Parents of ADHD Children 15 Aug 28
I need to vent ... ADHD Adults 7 Aug 28
Online group for kids with adhd ADHD at School 6 Aug 28
Anyone Taking Concerta Twice a Day?? ADHD Adults 3 Aug 28
Why do I want to work??? ADHD at Work 2 Aug 27
Working ADHD Adults 9 Aug 27
Certification Testing Advice/encouragement ADHD at Work 2 Aug 27
ADHD Meds Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 27
Disclipine for unacceptable behaviours ADHD in Girls 13 Aug 27
Homework boycott?! ADHD at School 7 Aug 27
ADD/ADHD and Yoga ADHD Adults 7 Aug 27
introducing myself ADHD in Canada 21 Aug 26
Wow... Some basic research into ADHD Biochemistry in Kids Parents of ADHD Children 4 Aug 26
New Member Seeking Advice, Maybe An Ear Parents of ADHD Children 7 Aug 26
Where to get adult adhd diagnosis? ADHD in Delaware 0 Aug 26
Vyvanse and anger Parents of ADHD Children 12 Aug 26
Additional Diagnosis?? ADHD in Women 3 Aug 26
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