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its hard enough being 15 any advice? Depression and ADHD 8 Dec 15
Concerta and Zoloft Anxiety and ADHD 3 Dec 15
melatonin Parents of ADHD Children 12 Dec 15
Literature Study/ Exam tips for ADDer! ADHD and College and Higher Education 6 Dec 14
Getting out of my rut. Depression and ADHD 9 Dec 14
ADHD, Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and ADHD 13 Dec 14
Whits End Parents of ADHD Children 54 Dec 14
SELF ESTEEM and SELF IMAGE Parents of ADHD Children 11 Dec 14
Newly diagnosed child with ADHD. Parents of ADHD Children 11 Dec 14
Does PMS make your ADHD symptoms worse? ADHD in Women 11 Dec 13
Exhausted Couples With One ADHD Partner 14 Dec 13
Even during the flurry of Christmas, daily devotions are vital. Christians With ADHD 2 Dec 13
Trouble getting him to clean his room Parents of ADHD Children 10 Dec 12
Self-Help Thread Vyvanse Reviews 0 Dec 12
Vyvanse Parents of ADHD Children 12 Dec 12
Non medication solutions Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 2 Dec 12
Does it get better?!?! ADHD in Women 10 Dec 11
Concerta Side Effect? Concerta Reviews 4 Dec 11
First day of medication Parents of ADHD Children 3 Dec 11
How to let a fit go Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Dec 11
pill solution Parents of ADHD Children 1 Dec 11
My 7y son Parents of ADHD Children 0 Dec 10
Vyvanse causing HBP & Tachycardia ADHD Medications 4 Dec 10
Strattera ADHD Medications 7 Dec 10
I was diagnosised today with ADD and Anxiety. Anxiety and ADHD 11 Dec 10
Help getting my ADD child to care more about school ADHD in Girls 5 Dec 10
incredible teachers Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 10
lonely and apathetic Parents of ADHD Children 3 Dec 10
Suggestions for Anger Management Books for Teens & Adults? Anger Management and ADHD 0 Dec 09
9 Year old says no one understands her Parents of ADHD Children 0 Dec 09
Taking both Vyvance and Intiniv Parents of ADHD Children 15 Dec 09
Go to Dr. tomorrow to see if I have ADD. Vyvanse Reviews 7 Dec 09
Mississippi Support ADHD in Mississippi 7 Dec 09
Risperidone- advice and help please :-( Anger Management and ADHD 5 Dec 09
New to ADHD Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 2 Dec 09
Jekyll and Hyde ADHD in Boys 6 Dec 08
Disability Discrimination Act Anxiety and ADHD 17 Dec 08
PANDAS Parents of ADHD Children 5 Dec 08
Enabling or ADHD or Both Parents of ADHD Children 11 Dec 08
Feel alone in this diagnosis Parents of ADHD Children 14 Dec 08
Organized!? at school Parents of ADHD Preteens 3 Dec 08
Found this and had to share! ADHD in Arkansas 1 Dec 08
Found this and had to share! Parents of ADHD Children 6 Dec 07
Adderall Effectiveness Wearing Off on my Teen ADHD Medications 8 Dec 07
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