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Minneapolis!! ADHD in Minnesota 3 Aug 10
Fall asleep? Fine. Staying asleep? Nope. Sleep Issues and ADHD 4 Aug 10
ADHD Woman Frustrated in a relationship with a Dyslexic ADHD Adults 3 Aug 10
ADHD Woman Frustrated in a relationship with a Dyslexic ADHD in Women 1 Aug 10
Suggestions on dealing with worsening behaviors Parents of ADHD Children 2 Aug 10
15 Minutes a Day Keeps the Chaos Away! ADHD Adults 0 Aug 10
Non adhd, feel like marriage is near an end Couples With One ADHD Partner 15 Aug 09
Adults with ADHD meetup in Omaha on 8/18 from 1-3 ADHD in Nebraska 1 Aug 09
Please help Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 2 Aug 09
Help! Long but we need help!!! Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 2 Aug 09
Anyone in Lake County? ADHD in Ohio 3 Aug 09
New and overwhelmed Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 8 Aug 09
do adhd folks have any legal rights to work accommodations? ADHD Adults 4 Aug 09
anybody else get brain fog, tunnel vision and feel physically ill ADHD Adults 4 Aug 09
Just When I Thought it Was All Coming Together! ADHD Adults 8 Aug 09
Software for Writing Skills/Organization of Ideas Parents of ADHD Children 25 Aug 09
ADD/ADHD and Coffee Intake ADHD Adults 3 Aug 09
Hi, I'm another new member ADHD Adults 7 Aug 09
Childcare for severe ADHD 4 yr old? ADHD in Kansas 2 Aug 08
Non-ADHD spouse: I feel like I have a bit of a different situatio Couples With One ADHD Partner 14 Aug 08
Hi There, ive just joined. ADHD Adults 4 Aug 08
im tired all the time! ADHD in Women 6 Aug 08
Hi, I'm new here, and i am sure i have ADHD ADHD Adults 2 Aug 08
Chronic lateness! Morning help to getting out the door on time ADHD at Work 4 Aug 08
Best time/ task/ list App for Black Berry 10 OS (Z10) ADHD Adults 0 Aug 08
ADHD, Social Problems and Emotions Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 08
Unable to Follow Direction and Potty Training Issues Parents of ADHD Children 7 Aug 08
The Bedtime Routine and More! ADHD Adults 0 Aug 08
looking for ADHD group in Columbus GA. ADHD in Georgia 3 Aug 08
misunderstood ADHD Adults 11 Aug 08
Drinking alcohol while on meds ADHD Adults 2 Aug 07
Curious about Drinking Coffee while on a Medication Vacation ADHD Adults 3 Aug 07
Getting organized as a creative entrepreneur ADHD in Women 4 Aug 07
Alternatives to Medication in recently diagnosed. Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children) 7 Aug 07
people who don't believe in ADHD? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 07
Any Northwest Indiana Groups? ADHD in Indiana 1 Aug 07
Second week on Focalin but now am worried! ADHD Adults 7 Aug 07
Is ADHD considered a disability? ADHD Adults 6 Aug 07
Support group in Prattville, Al. Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 1 Aug 07
How to Improve on my Lack of Bedtime Routine! ADHD Adults 2 Aug 07
The Bedtime Process from Hell! Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Aug 07
Mornings are a nightmare at our house Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Aug 06
58 struggleing with ADD at Work ADHD at Work 4 Aug 06
Is it adhd or POTS? ADHD Adults 0 Aug 06
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