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New To This ADHD in Boys 5 Sep 09
Where can a 50 yr old ADD woman go to learn a trade and get emplo ADHD Adults 4 Sep 09
help Parents of ADHD Children 11 Sep 09
Just Picked Up This Month's Adderall Prescription ADHD Medications 7 Sep 09
Depression and ADHD ADHD Adults 7 Sep 09
addtabz ADHD Alternative Treatments 3 Sep 08
Am I ruining my children's social life? ADHD in Women 2 Sep 08
Nice to find this place:) ADHD Adults 4 Sep 08
Nice to find this place:) ADHD Adults 5 Sep 08
Will it always be like this? Parents of ADHD Children 3 Sep 08
We need a therapist of some sort – where to start? Christians With ADHD 7 Sep 07
Food ideas? The protein link. Parents of ADHD Children 16 Sep 07
4 year old daughter Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 2 Sep 07
Exercise and medication? ADHD and Sports 3 Sep 07
Homework woes ADHD at School 2 Sep 07
Studying Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 06
I am going for an assessment on saturday and I feel scared ADHD at School 9 Sep 06
New Member - anyone still active with this group? ADHD in Missouri 4 Sep 05
Ouch!! Parents of ADHD Children 15 Sep 05
My son's impulsiveness - behaviour modification advice? Parents of ADHD Children 25 Sep 05
ADHD/AS IEP for 3rd grade Vyvanse Reviews 1 Sep 04
Synaptol ADHD Alternative Treatments 6 Sep 04
Ideas that help make cleaning the pigsty house easier! HELP ADHD Adults 20 Sep 03
Accommodation Ideas for IEP for ADD 4th grader (x-posted) ADHD at School 15 Sep 03
Accommodation Ideas for IEP for ADD 4th grader ADHD in Boys 3 Sep 03
BREAKING DOWN Anxiety and ADHD 3 Sep 03
BREAKING DOWN ADHD in Women 3 Sep 03
Is it ADHD or Behavior? Parents of ADHD Children 23 Sep 02
Please HELP!! Feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed! Parents of ADHD Children 15 Aug 31
need support for dealing w/my 8yr son with adhd and his behavior Parents of ADHD Children 14 Aug 31
New School, New Challenges ADHD at School 6 Aug 31
Anyone retry a med that hadn't worked in he past & find it works Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 31
How do you know your doing what's best for your child? Parents of ADHD Children 12 Aug 31
Wondering how to make it better Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Aug 31
We are doing it wrong. Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 31
Can I fix myself without any assistance? Couples With One ADHD Partner 9 Aug 31
adhd and substance abuse Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 5 Aug 31
Hyperactivity/Impulsivity-best meds Parents of ADHD Children 5 Aug 31
Is taking this job a mistake? ADHD at Work 5 Aug 31
Zoloft and weight gain ADHD Medications 2 Aug 31
Referral in Nashville ADHD Adults 2 Aug 30
Vyvanse - Does it make kids more emotional? ADHD Medications 4 Aug 30
Short term memory or learning disability? ADHD Adults 8 Aug 30
thoughts racing and not being able to sleep Anxiety and ADHD 3 Aug 30
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