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I'm having a little freak-out... ADHD in Women 7 Aug 30
Child with ADHD/ODD/Learning difficulties Learning Disabilities and ADHD 3 Aug 30
please if anyone could help me im at the end of my strings ADHD at School 14 Aug 29
Vyvanse and Profuse Sweating Vyvanse Reviews 11 Aug 29
Short Inspirational Poem ADHD Adults 1 Aug 28
Does Vyvanse wear off early for anyone else? Vyvanse Reviews 9 Aug 28
Generic Adderall Price Spike 300% in August 2011? ADHD Medications 9 Aug 27
Chicago suburban schools. Parents of ADHD Children 4 Aug 27
Seroquel Parents of ADHD Children 7 Aug 27
Another 504 Plan Question Gifted ADHD Children 12 Aug 27
not sure what to do. ADHD Adults 11 Aug 27
Critizism ADHD Adults 8 Aug 27
You know you have ADD when . . . ADHD Adults 43 Aug 27
ADHD and an over crowded classroom ADHD at School 4 Aug 26
Focalin XR Parents of ADHD Children 16 Aug 26
Protein supplements Parents of ADHD Children 45 Aug 26
Starting Straterra Parents of ADHD Children 9 Aug 26
diffents between having adhd and not having adhd Depression and ADHD 12 Aug 25
Impulsiveness and Depression Depression and ADHD 12 Aug 25
Catching Tadpoles in Arroyo Chico ADHD Adults 5 Aug 25
Be anxious for nothing! Christians With ADHD 7 Aug 25
School year is approaching and I need any help or advice ADHD at School 14 Aug 25
Therapy Suggestion? Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 25
Night-time calming rituals? Parents of ADHD Children 9 Aug 24
Where to draw a line?? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 6 Aug 24
I need help!!! Parents of ADHD Children 12 Aug 24
Where do I go for a proper diagnosis for my daughter? ADHD in Girls 6 Aug 24
ADHD Awareness Week 2011: October 16-22 ADHD in the News and Media 3 Aug 24
ADHD & Menopause--Argh! The Perfect Storm! ADHD in Women 16 Aug 24
Treatments and Medication? ADHD Adults 0 Aug 24
social skills training group? ADHD in Michigan 1 Aug 24
Local CHADD? ADHD in Michigan 7 Aug 24
Natural medicine Parents of ADHD Children 1 Aug 23
Back-to-School Web Chat ADHD at School 57 Aug 23
Warning About Strattera and Bipolar Mood Disorder! Bipolar Disorder and ADHD 9 Aug 23
ADD - How much does medication really help?? ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Aug 23
When the shrieking child is your son Parents of ADHD Children 0 Aug 23
ADHD daughter shares too much of our family's personal informatio Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 14 Aug 23
Has anybody read any good books lately? Christians With ADHD 4 Aug 23
My Life Descibed in a Sentence ADHD Adults 14 Aug 23
Strung out on ADHD medication Parents of ADHD Children 8 Aug 23
any help with a 12 year old girl with adhd Parents of ADHD Children 6 Aug 23
Being unavailable Parents With ADHD 9 Aug 22
rage and impulsivity issues as an adult Anger Management and ADHD 7 Aug 22
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