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Newly Diagnosed with ADD -40 year old Female Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 16 Oct 19
Optimal dosage for Ritalin (adults) ADHD Medications 0 Oct 19
I've gone down a depressive spiral Depression and ADHD 8 Oct 19
I need help to get organized at work ADHD in Women 6 Oct 19
There is support in Charlotte. ADHD in North Carolina 1 Oct 19
Different manufacturers of Adderall, is there a difference? ADHD Adults 1 Oct 19
Different manufacturers of Adderall, is there a difference? ADHD Adults 6 Oct 19
Ipad or Android Tablet or any tablet Parents of ADHD Children 14 Oct 19
Scheduling tools ADHD Adults 13 Oct 19
Web Chat Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 0 Oct 19
I can't find the Be a Coach to your ADHD Teen Web Chat Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 4 Oct 19
Web chat Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 Oct 19
Maturity Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 18
Adhd & Face Recognition... ADHD Adults 16 Oct 18
Trouble Sleeping Sleep Issues and ADHD 3 Oct 18
How do I help him? :'( ADHD at School 9 Oct 18
Anger issues Parents of ADHD Children 7 Oct 18
Is this a side effect or something else? Adderall Reviews 5 Oct 18
Question about side effects of meds ADHD in Girls 5 Oct 18
ADHD song Parents of ADHD Children 4 Oct 18
You gifted people might find these interesting ADHD and Gifted Adults 5 Oct 18
Does your ADHD child wet the bed?? Parents of ADHD Children 12 Oct 18
Anxiety overload due to HR meeting ADHD Adults 5 Oct 18
Latest... an important if disheartening read. ADHD Adults 5 Oct 17
New here Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 17
neuro behaviour software programmes. Longterm success? ADHD Product Reviews 3 Oct 17
Cold medicines vs Metadate CD Parents of ADHD Children 3 Oct 17
Just Joined Gifted ADHD Children 5 Oct 17
Just joined Parents With ADHD 2 Oct 17
Only we can understand... Parents of ADHD Children 13 Oct 17
Is it possible... Parents of ADHD Children 8 Oct 17
Managing Adult ADHD: You Can Do It Web Chat ADHD Adults 129 Oct 16
Focalin XR ADHD Medications 5 Oct 16
Side Effects Concerta Reviews 4 Oct 16
ADHD and certain positions within a sport ADHD and Sports 8 Oct 16
Newlyweds: ADHD Husband in grad school asking me to help. Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Oct 16
Newly diagnosed with ADD Vyvanse Reviews 6 Oct 15
Engineer w/ADHD ADHD at Work 1 Oct 15
I'll be there ADHD Adults 4 Oct 15
Can no longer hide it at work ADHD at Work 10 Oct 15
adderall ADHD Medications 5 Oct 15
NVLD? Non verbal learning disorder Parents of ADHD Children 2 Oct 15
schnancy ADHD in North Carolina 4 Oct 15
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