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Question regarding Classroom Issues Parents of ADHD Children 3 Sep 16
To medicate or not to medicate Parents of ADHD Children 12 Sep 16
help with hyperfocus and reading ADHD at School 2 Sep 16
Need help with school Parents of ADHD Children 2 Sep 16
Support Group Meeting In New York City ADHD Adults 0 Sep 15
Having to defend the reality of ADD/ADHD to others ADHD in Boys 6 Sep 15
Afraid to start my own business ADHD Adults 11 Sep 15
Right up there with 'Ferrari Brain'..... ADHD Adults 3 Sep 15
Help! Middle School.. and organization ADHD at School 7 Sep 14
Trichotillomania worse with Ritalin, Alternative Meds? Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 3 Sep 14
Adhd and/or auditory processing disorder Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 14
Medication Parents of ADHD Children 9 Sep 14
Unorganized artists & crafters here? ADHD Adults 6 Sep 14
Third grade challenges! ADHD at School 4 Sep 13
When is it time to consider theraputic boarding school? Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 1 Sep 13
Looking for help/advice Parents of ADHD Children 6 Sep 13
ADD/ADHD as a Killer ADHD Adults 15 Sep 13
OMG I don't even know if I'm on the correct web site Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Sep 13
I Can't Get To Sleep At Night! Sleep Issues and ADHD 18 Sep 12
Directive Parenting... Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 12
Success with My Extreme Feather Duster!! ADHD Adults 0 Sep 12
A 21 yr old ADHD girl sinking into deep depression. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 19 Sep 12
Need Dr. for a 21 Yr old w/ ADHD who's angry and depressed ADHD in Florida 4 Sep 12
HELP!!!! Parents of ADHD Children 8 Sep 12
4yr old on Focalin xr 5mg A little nervouse ! Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 2 Sep 12
4yr old son and Focalin xr 5mg? ADHD in Boys 4 Sep 12
2 part questions. ADHD at School 5 Sep 12
504/IEP Information ADHD at School 0 Sep 12
More meds, or behavior therapy, for Kindergartener? ADHD in Boys 9 Sep 11
Med Effectiveness During Period ADHD in Women 10 Sep 11
My house is an absolute mess!! Where do I start? ADHD Adults 25 Sep 11
Just plain Done. Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 12 Sep 11
job at risk ADHD at Work 6 Sep 11
I feel paralyzed ... Anxiety and ADHD 15 Sep 11
Great Resource! Parents of ADHD Children 1 Sep 11
Depressed and at wits end with ADD partner Couples With One ADHD Partner 16 Sep 11
Am I crazy Parents of ADHD Children 12 Sep 11
Feeling Discouraged Parents of ADHD Children 13 Sep 11
Struggling to find the right deterrent Parents of ADHD Children 7 Sep 11
Anyone know a good psychiatrist in the San Fernando Valley? ADHD in California 2 Sep 11
Great book for parents Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 2 Sep 10
Completely lost and feeling defeated Parents of ADHD Children 14 Sep 10
Service/Therapy dogs for children with ADHD? Anxiety and ADHD 8 Sep 10
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