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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Communicating with an ADD coworker ADHD at Work 10 Nov 19
I have to go to 4-6 pharmacies to get a perscription of Focalin Reviews 2 Nov 18
Discipline Parents of ADHD Children 13 Nov 18
Behavior and responsibility problem 12 yr old Son ADHD ADHD at School 1 Nov 18
Impulse control on school bus and in school Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 4 Nov 18
ADD and Writer's Block ADHD Adults 7 Nov 17
Question about Intuniv ADHD Medications 9 Nov 17
Group meetings ADHD Adults 4 Nov 17
Question about meds Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 17
Wanting to try the all natural approach. Parents of ADHD Children 8 Nov 17
Two Girls in tears Parents of ADHD Children 7 Nov 17
New here....but no stranger to ADHD Parents of ADHD Children 9 Nov 16
Medication Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 16
Medication ADHD Medications 3 Nov 16
Are their any ADHD single adults who get hurt more sensitively? ADHD Singles 10 Nov 16
Starting a New Med....Input! ADHD Adults 8 Nov 16
Need help remembering homework! ADHD at School 10 Nov 16
Anger Management at school (on meds) ADHD at School 6 Nov 16
Trileptal for Bi-Polar treatment in 7 yr old Bipolar Disorder and ADHD 6 Nov 15
Methylphenodate & Cough medicine Parents of ADHD Children 3 Nov 15
Methylphenodate & Cough medicine ADHD Medications 2 Nov 15
Just got a prescription to try Vyvanse ADHD in Women 10 Nov 15
Hello I'm new to this Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 15
CHADD conference Parents of ADHD Children 2 Nov 15
7 yr old SUPER needy still grieving Parents of ADHD Children 4 Nov 14
Starts methylphenidate tomorrow...nervous! Parents of ADHD Children 18 Nov 14
Addiction problem and Minister wife Christians With ADHD 10 Nov 14
How to Handle Super chargered libido? Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Nov 14
PhD program completionists ADHD and College and Higher Education 2 Nov 13
non stimulant meds ADHD Medications 2 Nov 13
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Law ADHD Adults 17 Nov 13
Meds are helping, why am I worrying now? Parents of ADHD Children 11 Nov 13
what is with this behavior? Parents of ADHD Children 5 Nov 12
Depression ADHD Adults 11 Nov 12
In all your ways acknowledge him Christians With ADHD 2 Nov 12
Just checkin to see if their is anybody in or near jacksonville ADHD in Florida 1 Nov 11
Interesting Video ADHD Adults 6 Nov 11
Best meds questions to ask ped at 1st visit Gifted ADHD Children 3 Nov 11
Help ADHD in Women 4 Nov 11
New eye blinking and eyebrow twitch Parents of ADHD Children 3 Nov 11
Memory lost Adderall Reviews 4 Nov 10
Memory Lost ADHD Adults 18 Nov 10
How do you get your child to wind down? Parents of ADHD Children 20 Nov 10
Trouble getting 2nd dose of meds Parents of ADHD Children 3 Nov 10
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