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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

I want to die! ADHD Adults 16 Aug 20
swearing Parents of ADHD Children 10 Aug 20
Hello all,Need your Cover Letter proof reading help! ADHD at Work 6 Aug 19
Vyvanse vs. Focalin XR Parents of ADHD Children 13 Aug 19
Meditation vs 'Brain Games' ADHD Adults 2 Aug 18
ADULT ADHD GROUPS IN SC ADHD in South Carolina 8 Aug 18
Visiting Indy 8/24-25., anyone available to chat over coffee? ADHD in Indiana 0 Aug 18
Co-morbidities - Good read ADHD Adults 0 Aug 17
Non ADHD Partner Support Group - Southern IN Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Aug 17
Recently Diagnosed with Adult ADHD Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 0 Aug 17
Looking forward to school??? ADHD at School 4 Aug 17
5-Star ADD/ADHD Docs in Scottsdale AZ Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 0 Aug 17
Dye Free ADHD Medication Parents of ADHD Children 3 Aug 17
Falling asleep in inappropriate situations? ADHD Adults 8 Aug 17
Are there any Adult ADD Support meeting in NH. ADHD in New Hampshire 9 Aug 17
Successful Summer Med Vacay :) ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain 1 Aug 16
ADD and homework Inattentive ADHD 14 Aug 16
How do you make connections with others? ADHD Adults 25 Aug 16
This website ADHD in Women 8 Aug 16
What Adult ADHD CBT workbooks are the best? ADHD Adults 3 Aug 16
My daughter is 8 and we just changed her meds ADHD in Girls 3 Aug 16
Explaining my 5 yr old sons ADHD to him?.... ADHD in Boys 11 Aug 15
My Father, ADHD Poster Child and ADHD Denier ADHD Adults 7 Aug 15
Strattera question... ADHD in Women 3 Aug 15
recently diagnosed, Strattera question Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults) 2 Aug 15
ADHD Coach ADHD in Georgia 2 Aug 15
Proofreading Writing at Work ADHD at Work 9 Aug 14
Medication side effects - Adding Intuniv Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 9 Aug 14
Feeling Guilty Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 Aug 14
I NEED some advice about my 5 year old and someone who can relate ADHD in Boys 12 Aug 14
Delays in periods Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 4 Aug 13
Exhausted! Couples With One ADHD Partner 8 Aug 13
Any helpful comments or suggestions...feeling alone Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Aug 13
Medicine Parents of ADHD Preteens 2 Aug 13
Medicine Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 3 Aug 13
Frustrated and Sad Mother Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 10 Aug 13
Temper Tantrums Parents of ADHD Children 13 Aug 13
Impulse control OR??? Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 4 Aug 13
In trouble at Work-Great Anxiety ADHD at Work 4 Aug 13
Husband thinks I am pretending... ADHD in Women 6 Aug 12
Nursing School Anxiety~OH YEAH! Anxiety and ADHD 4 Aug 12
No luck with any what? Parents of ADHD Children 11 Aug 12
Creating a Monthly Chore Calendar! ADHD Adults 22 Aug 12
Disability ADHD in Women 3 Aug 11
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