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Daytrana...does it work? How about Intuniv? ADHD Medications 6 Sep 23
Child on Concerta Reviews, Please! ADHD Medications 3 Sep 23
I hate school Parents of ADHD Children 6 Sep 23
my adhd medicine! ADHD Medications 0 Sep 22
I feel I have let him down Parents of ADHD Children 25 Sep 22
Handwriting ADHD at School 8 Sep 22
Scheduling my time more rigidly ADHD Adults 6 Sep 22
Looking for some hope Christians With ADHD 10 Sep 22
Disaster dealing with the school! ADHD at School 11 Sep 22
Side Effects of ADD/ADHD Meds Parents of ADHD Children 5 Sep 21
Side Effects Focalin Focalin Reviews 2 Sep 21
Newly diagnosed Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 6 Sep 21
private vs. public ADHD at School 3 Sep 21
Current levels of performance question ADHD at School 4 Sep 21
Do hangovers & depression have to go together? Smoking, Drinking, Substance Abuse, and ADHD 3 Sep 21
adult support group in Milwaukee ADHD in Wisconsin 4 Sep 21
Florida email group ADHD in Florida 0 Sep 21
Both spouses vs one spouse Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 7 Sep 21
Moving to San Antonio ADHD in Texas 2 Sep 21
Not getting response from my son's teacher Parents of ADHD Children 13 Sep 21
Immature behaviors Parents of ADHD Children 6 Sep 21
need advice. Vyvanse Reviews 4 Sep 20
Spinning rings ADHD at School 1 Sep 20
ADHD Son Forgets Consequences/Discussions Parents of ADHD Children 24 Sep 20
Help ADHD Adults 17 Sep 20
We are moving to a new city Parents of ADHD Children 1 Sep 20
Therapist ADHD in Boys 7 Sep 20
Tired & Overwhelmed ADHD in Women 5 Sep 20
Looking for Advocate ADHD in Pennsylvania 1 Sep 20
Tired & Overwhelmed ADHD Adults 7 Sep 20
Feeling Sad Parents of ADHD Children 15 Sep 20
Tired & overwhelmed Christians With ADHD 6 Sep 20
7 yr old in a tailspin after relocating Gifted ADHD Children 3 Sep 19
Should I divorce my therapist? ADHD Adults 13 Sep 19
Trying to get a diagnosis ADHD in Girls 6 Sep 19
Touching and Paranoia, your feelings / experience on the subjects ADHD Adults 6 Sep 19
website to meet/connect with other ADDrs? ADHD Singles 14 Sep 19
Any advice with female bullying at work?? help!!! ADHD in Women 13 Sep 19
Advice dealing with bullying at work? ADHD at Work 4 Sep 19
Adderall Questions ADHD Adults 5 Sep 19
Staring ADHD Adults 7 Sep 19
Serial Underachiever ADHD in Women 15 Sep 19
First visit with a Psychologist this week. ADHD in Women 4 Sep 19
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