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Losing hope: need advice, encouragement, support, empathy Parents of ADHD Children 25 May 31
vy-vanese vs medidate cd ADHD Medications 6 May 30
Visual Processing Disorder/ Anxiety ADHD at School 6 May 30
Relationship with ADHD help ADHD Adults 6 May 30
Long-term relationship with ADHD partner ADHD Adults 12 May 30
Reading Help for my 3rd Graders ADHD at School 7 May 30
numb ampathetic feeling are any of these symptoms Concerta Reviews 2 May 30
my heart is breaking right now Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 14 May 30
Apologizing for your kid's misbehavior Parents of ADHD Children 5 May 30
Young children and their decision on meds. ADHD at School 18 May 29
Christian School unsupportive? ADHD at School 8 May 29
Going to Kindergarten next year - any thoughts? Parents of ADHD Children 20 May 28
Teacher Bullying ADHD at School 3 May 28
Unable to Meet Time Budgets ADHD at Work 5 May 28
Does anyone else HATE this new BETA ADDCONNECT??? ADHD Adults 4 May 27
Adderall and Coffee ADHD Adults 6 May 27
How would gracefully bow out of a job? ADHD at Work 3 May 27
breaking compulsive lying cycle ADHD Adults 6 May 26
Others Like Me? Newbies First Post ADHD Adults 10 May 26
Son on Adderall Vyvanse Reviews 3 May 26
Could I Have ADD and Concentrate? ADHD and College and Higher Education 11 May 25
Disorganized spouse refuses to get help Couples With One ADHD Partner 3 May 25
Reply to 11 year old and basketball Parents of ADHD Children 0 May 25
Adderall and Strattera Advice ADHD Medications 3 May 25
11 year old girl and basketball skills Parents of ADHD Children 0 May 25
iFocus; anyone try this game/brain "training" game for ADHD? Parents of ADHD Children 15 May 25
Searching for Playgroup ADHD in Maryland 5 May 24
My Son has ADD and I feel like I am going CRAZY ADHD in Boys 7 May 23
Is my Ritalin makinging me edgy and irritable?? ADHD Adults 10 May 23
Knowing the difference between 'distracted' and 'selfish' ADHD Adults 17 May 23
Looking for friends ADHD Adults 4 May 23
College kid woes continue......sigh..... Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 23 May 23
Monkey in the middle Parents of ADHD Children 19 May 22
Medication confusion ADHD in Women 7 May 22
Living the life you want and living it Powerfully ADHD Adults 3 May 22
Fallg through the Cracks Parents of ADHD Preteens 8 May 22
Son Having OCD and Manic Behavior Anxiety and ADHD 1 May 22
I may have ADD at 46. If I do what do I do next as far as getting ADHD in Women 4 May 22
Conditional acceptance to summer camp Parents of ADHD Children 12 May 22
ADD, JOB and Son ADHD Adults 11 May 21
ADD, JOB and Son ADHD at Work 1 May 21
self confidence ADHD in Women 5 May 21
being slow on the job ADHD at Work 3 May 21
Bad evening med rebounds ....all of a sudden Parents of ADHD Children 12 May 21
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