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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

ADHD Meds & Gastric Bypass ADHD Medications 7 Aug 07
New here ADHD Adults 10 Aug 06
Learner's Permit ADHD Adults 6 Aug 06
Strokes with being a ADHD Adult ADHD and Traumatic Brain Injury 2 Aug 06
neuropsychologist needed ADHD Professionals 1 Aug 05
New ADHD App From Dr. Ned Hallowell ADHD Product Reviews 0 Aug 05
Where are you? ADHD in Oregon 2 Aug 05
Less Expensive ADHD Meds? Parents of ADHD Children 6 Aug 05
Need advice for 17 year old son Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 10 Aug 04
Other people dealing with your ADHD child Parents of ADHD Children 21 Aug 04
ADHD Book Giveaway Contest: The ADHD Effect on Marriage Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 0 Aug 04
Book Giveaway: The ADHD Effect on Marriage Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Aug 04
Book Giveaway for ADHD Girls and Their Parents ADHD in Girls 0 Aug 04
ADHD in Women and Girls Book Giveaway! ADHD in Women 2 Aug 04
Medication from Canada? ADHD Medications 5 Aug 04
Was I Wrong To Hire An Education Advocate Or Not??? ADHD at School 8 Aug 04
Social Work: A good field to enter ADHD Adults 9 Aug 04
teen attutude/guilt Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 5 Aug 03
How does ADD/ADHD affect financial health? Couples Where Both Partners Have ADHD 4 Aug 03
Greetings Kansans ADHD in Kansas 2 Aug 03
How You Knew It Was More Than ADHD Is It ADHD and Something Else? 3 Aug 02
My preteen doesn't sleep Sleep Issues and ADHD 5 Aug 02
How do I change my personal information? ADHD Adults 3 Aug 02
Finger chewing Parents of ADHD Children 13 Aug 02
Tension Headaches ADHD Adults 0 Aug 02
computer deficit disorder ADHD Adults 8 Aug 02
Living with guilt about ADHD child ADHD at School 8 Aug 02
Need Help Parents of ADHD Children 5 Aug 01
Intro ADHD in Ohio 6 Aug 01
Hi my name is John, and I am an insomniac! Sleep Issues and ADHD 13 Aug 01
Torn on the IEP idea ADHD Parents Raising ADHD Children 11 Jul 31
Support groups ADHD in Maryland 5 Jul 31
Stepmother needs help with ADHD/ODD teen stepson!! Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 11 Jul 30
Best school organizer program/tips Learning Disabilities and ADHD 10 Jul 29
conflicting drug side effects Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD 1 Jul 29
Michigan Summer Camp Just for ADHD Kids! ADHD in Michigan 1 Jul 29
Michigan Summer Camp Just for ADHD Kids! Parents of ADHD Children 1 Jul 29
Need a therapist on Long Island Couples With One ADHD Partner 5 Jul 29
Kindergarten Teacher ADHD Educators 10 Jul 29
Overwhelmed Kindergarten Teacher ADHD Adults 13 Jul 29
504 Plan Question Gifted ADHD Children 0 Jul 28
Newbie to ADHD ADHD Adults 22 Jul 28
Introduction and question about best educational environment Gifted ADHD Children 7 Jul 28
Kids With ADHD Less Adept at Crossing the Street Parents of ADHD Children 7 Jul 28
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