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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

Son recently diagnosed with ADD.... Parents of ADHD Children 10 Oct 10
New to ADD/ADHD looking for Med Alternatives Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 10
Quillivant XR Parents of ADHD Children 10 Oct 10
Beyond frustrated! ADHD Adults 16 Oct 10
Desperate! ADHD in Boys 9 Oct 10
Valerian Super Calm?? Parents of ADHD Children 1 Oct 09
Prayers for ME! Christians With ADHD 6 Oct 09
What Does ADHD Look Like in Women and Girls? ADHD in Women 1 Oct 09
Just got ADHD tested a week ago, still havent heard from the MD! ADHD Adults 3 Oct 09
Nine Year old son needs a proper ADD doctor ADHD Professionals 3 Oct 09
Life falling apart..... ADHD Adults 14 Oct 09
Lying Parents of ADHD Children 6 Oct 09
Problem with Lying Gifted ADHD Children 3 Oct 09
Help without IEP or 504 ADHD at School 5 Oct 09
How to deal with inattentive ADD Inattentive ADHD 2 Oct 09
He just won't listen. ADHD in Maine 1 Oct 09
My six year old does not listen ADHD in Girls 2 Oct 09
New to this/Recent diagnosis Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 3 Oct 08
The rights of children with Learning Disabilities in School ADHD at School 7 Oct 08
Inability to keep his hands to himself Impulse Control Disorders and ADHD 2 Oct 08
My 5 Year Old is being bullied ADHD at School 3 Oct 08
Working in small groups. Is it even possible? ADHD at School 7 Oct 08
ADHD Presentation 10/28 Hopkins ADHD in Minnesota 0 Oct 08
EKG Parents of ADHD Children 2 Oct 08
Advice on when to step back ADHD in Girls 2 Oct 07
not diagnosed!!! Parents of ADHD Children 3 Oct 07
Dealing with ADHD at school, Suggestions for things I can do. Parents of ADHD Children 9 Oct 07
Newly diagnosed w/ADHD & LD need help with test ammenities ADHD and College and Higher Education 0 Oct 07
help @school ADHD at School 5 Oct 07
My theory on how ADHD affects introverts & extroverts differently Inattentive ADHD 4 Oct 07
What comorbid conditions does your child have? Parents of ADHD Children 19 Oct 07
Support Groups? Single Parents Raising ADHD Children 0 Oct 07
Help!!! Parents of ADHD Children 8 Oct 07
recently diagnosed Depression and ADHD 2 Oct 06
What has worked for you? Inattentive ADHD 1 Oct 06
Anyone with children with ADHD in Mecklenburg? ADHD in North Carolina 2 Oct 06
Can the medication take the enthusiasm out of a child? ADHD in Boys 17 Oct 06
Job Issues ADHD in Women 4 Oct 06
pharmacy gave me two different brands of or ritalin ADHD Adults 9 Oct 06
Brain Trauma and ADHD ADHD Adults 4 Oct 06
Best schools for kids with ADHD in NY ADHD at School 4 Oct 06
Montreal support group ADHD in Canada 0 Oct 06
How to manage ADHD without meds Depression and ADHD 1 Oct 06
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