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Group Discussion Topic In the ADHD Group Comments Started

At wits end... ADHD in Boys 7 Jul 15
obesity and ADHD linked. ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain 5 Jul 15
ADHD Partner with an ADHD Son Couples With One ADHD Partner 6 Jul 15
Won't take meds or supplements Parents of ADHD Children 4 Jul 15
ADHD Adults in MS or AL ADHD in Alabama 0 Jul 15
Sleeping Parents of ADHD Children 6 Jul 15
My mom blames herself... ADHD Adults 2 Jul 15
Son gets angry at the littlest things Parents of ADHD Children 12 Jul 15
Looking for a Christian ADHD buddy! :) Christians With ADHD 2 Jul 15
looking for one on one help Parents of ADHD Children 3 Jul 15
ADHD and Noise ADHD in Men 2 Jul 14
Support Group in Frederick, MD ADHD in Maryland 0 Jul 14
Group in Frederick MD Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD 0 Jul 14
Anyone else listening in on the "Succeed with ADHD" Telesummit? ADHD Adults 4 Jul 14
Adhd and aging Anger Management and ADHD 3 Jul 14
We are loosing our home due to husband's ADHD. Couples With One ADHD Partner 2 Jul 14
Need Help!!! ADHD Adults 2 Jul 14
Three 1/2 year old boy Parents of ADHD Toddlers, Preschoolers 4 Jul 14
Hello Everyone ADHD and College and Higher Education 4 Jul 13
sports and booster meds…to give or not to give ... ADHD and Sports 1 Jul 13
Meditation .. Is it really possible for an ADHD??? ADHD Adults 16 Jul 13
Once Upon A Time We Were Valued ADHD Adults 7 Jul 12
Blanking out, freezing-Brain lock? ADHD Professionals 2 Jul 12
How to prove Anxiety & Stress Anxiety and ADHD 1 Jul 12
Any Support groups in Manhattan/Bronx/Riverdale area? ADHD in New York 0 Jul 12
clairvoyant ADHD Adults 4 Jul 12
Personality ADHD Adults 4 Jul 12
lack of any motivation Depression and ADHD 6 Jul 11
fixating on silly tasks while on meds ADHD Adults 6 Jul 11
Just Moved to Houston TX and need a Dr to prescribe! ADHD in Women 1 Jul 11
Need advice on how to approach family with new diagnosis ADHD Adults 4 Jul 11
Vacation with friends Parents of ADHD Children 5 Jul 11
More Chaos ADHD Adults 7 Jul 11
I think I am losing my mind ADHD Adults 4 Jul 11
so strong willed Parents of ADHD Children 5 Jul 10
Son with ADHD ADHD in Utah 4 Jul 10
Meltdowns of 6 year old granddaughter.... Parents of ADHD Children 5 Jul 10
Re: Support Group Meetings In the New York Area ADHD in New York 1 Jul 10
On being lost N alone ADHD Adults 7 Jul 10
Financial stability??? Couples With One ADHD Partner 7 Jul 09
My medication ADHD Adults 2 Jul 09
boarding schools Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults 2 Jul 09
Support Groups in MONTCO/Phila. Area for non-ADD Partners? ADHD in Pennsylvania 1 Jul 09
My son's ADHD is severe. Need treatment input. Parents of ADHD Children 0 Jul 09
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