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Our Community and Commenting Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines before contributing to ADDConnect. Contact with questions, comments, and abuse reports.

ADDConnect: Member Usage Guidelines
ADDConnect is an online community created for all people touched by ADHD and related conditions. Our community values respect above all else. We insist that all members demonstrate respect for one another when engaging in online community.

If we find that any member is using derogatory language, personal insults, foul language, or otherwise harassing another ADDConnect user, we will issue a warning. If the conduct continues, we will delete your account and bar you from future membership.

Real, engaging dialog is important. But all of our conversations here must be built on respect. This is paramount.

No Spam, Advertisements, or Shameless Self-Promotion
Our readers value ADDConnect as an authentic place to share real experiences relating to ADHD. To plaster the site with spam, advertisements, or other shameless self-promotions is to violate the trust we've built as a community.

Each comment and action taken on the site is reviewed by our team and is subject to the staff's opinions on what provides a real, authentic service to our members. If our moderators find that a user is spamming the community with self-promotions and/or posting the same content to multiple groups and/or threads, that user may be banned from ADDConnect indefinitely.

You can learn more about advertising with us here. But please do NOT use the groups, photo albums, journals, or other comment spaces as a place to gain money or Web traffic.

Guidelines on Linking to Other Sites
ADDConnect supports ADHD information resources, and wants our readers to be able to be informed on what's going on in the larger community, but ADDConnect is not a place for members to build their online audience or blog platform--it is a place to start thoughtful discussions.

As such, we welcome members to bring up the topics they care about as a means to start great discussions in the ADDConnect community. What we will not accept is blatant attempts to drive readers away from ADDConnect--and spam ADDConnect members with multiple links to a given blog, blog post, or other Web address. Posts like this will be subject to being removed from ADDConnect.

We hope that this policy will help ADDConnect to continue to be an active, educational community for all of those in the ADHD community.

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