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Parents of ADHD Children wellbutrin and nortriptyline 2 May 03
Parents of ADHD Children Switching from quillivant 1 May 01
Parents of ADHD Children Son w/ADHD won't let us watch him play sports 3 May 01
Parents of ADHD Children Six year-old medication considerations 3 Apr 28
Parents of ADHD Children Delayed Bone Age 3 Apr 25
Parents of ADHD Children DMDD - Many concerns and questions 3 Apr 17

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ADHD Adults Could it be ADHD ?? 3 Apr 28
ADHD Adults ADD Dad ADHD Son 1 Apr 21
ADHD Adults Why is everything so difficult to begin/stay motivated =[ 5 Apr 19
ADHD Adults Mental Health and English Video Series 1 Apr 19
ADHD Adults Generic Adderall recently not working 2 Apr 19
ADHD Adults Suggestions to speed up appointments? 1 Apr 14

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ADHD at School Afternoon Struggles 5 Apr 13
ADHD at School Non Stimulant Medications 5 Apr 04
ADHD at School Son not allowed on field trip 6 Mar 29
ADHD at School School to drop daughter's IEP 7 Mar 22

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ADHD Medications ADHD Meds Causing Anger 5 May 15
ADHD Medications Adderall not working 10 May 14
ADHD Medications Is my wife taking too much Ritalin? 5 May 14
ADHD Medications Quillvant xr 1 May 11

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Anxiety and ADHD Coming to terms with your adhd 3 Mar 19
Anxiety and ADHD Question About ADHD and Anxiety 2 Mar 15
Anxiety and ADHD Am I being over sensitive? 5 Mar 03
Anxiety and ADHD ADD - New Job question 5 Mar 03

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Couples With One ADHD Partner ADD, Sexual Dysfunction and Pornography 7 May 05
Couples With One ADHD Partner New to dating a guy with ADHD - Need advice 8 Apr 25
Couples With One ADHD Partner Constant mess in the home 5 Apr 25
Couples With One ADHD Partner Where to put the line between helping and controlling? 7 Apr 21

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ADHD at Work Should we give up certain things to accommodate our ADD? 3 Apr 05
ADHD at Work How to get to work in the morning? 1 Mar 21
ADHD at Work Best ADHD Planners? 3 Mar 20

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ADHD Alternative Treatments iFocus Jungle Rangers Software - Anybody Used This? 5 May 08
ADHD Alternative Treatments Milk Allergy - Adult ADHD symptoms vanished 9 Apr 29
ADHD Alternative Treatments Seeking alternative treatments for summer 5 Apr 25

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Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults Two1 yr. old grandson taking too much Ritalin 4 May 09
Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults Are There any Friend Groups in North Jersey, for Teens? ADHD 1 Apr 28
Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults SIXTEEN year old daughter in North Jersey ADHD. Looking for frien 0 Apr 28

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ADHD in Women Adderall Questions: Can't Lose My Job Meds Not Working 1 Apr 10
ADHD in Women ADHD going crazy and third trimester! Making it through though :) 2 Mar 15
ADHD in Women Dry Mouth 2 Mar 14

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Just Diagnosed With ADHD… Question about ADHD medications 2 Mar 12
Just Diagnosed With ADHD… To medicate or not to medicate?? 8 Feb 19
Just Diagnosed With ADHD… Difficulty taking capsule 3 Mar 21
Just Diagnosed With ADHD… National ADHD Treament Study Near You? 0 Feb 16

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