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Parents of ADHD Children

11 Year old getting tested in 2 weeks.. question on Meds.


Im 47 and just found out I have ADD after researching ADHD for my 11 year old that is having focus issues.  I have been on Adderal Generic for less than a week and it has been amazing for me. 

I would rather not put my son on meds but they have helped me out so far.  I have heard that there may be growth issues related to ADD meds.  My son is very athletic and looks like he’s hitting a growth spurt.  Are the meds dangerous?  I want him to feel as good as I do now after taking the meds..  but am worried about harming him.

Let me know what you think..



The general consensus based on current research is that those kids who do see some short-term effects on their growth (basically what was reported as the “conclusion” of many studies done in the past—and which is still contained on all the inserts that come with stimulant meds) eventually gain that back later on down the road.

Posted by BC on Apr 08, 2014 at 7:57am

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