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ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain

Teen Hoarding Food

Apparently it is impossible to comment on threads that have a number in the title, so I am reposting this with a new name.

Cross-posting this:

My 13yo was homeschooled for many years. This is his second year in school and he is in 7th grade. He is doing very, very well both scholastically and socially. His dx is combined type, however, he manages to self-regulate his energy incredibly well, to the point that one of his teachers last year was shocked to hear that ADHD was his diagnosis, rather the dyslexia his neuropsychologist had been testing for. Under the advisement of that same neurosychologist he is not on medication, and is doing fine without it; his challenge is mainly working memory, which does not respond to medication.

Problem is, yesterday I went in his closet to look for something and was SHOCKED at the food he had hidden in there: several 2 liter bottles of soda, several containers of cake frosting (some full, some empty), bags of cookies, chips, chocolate syrup…enough food to pack four plastic grocery bags! This is still boggling my mind!

I had remembered reading along the way that people with ADHD also often struggle with eating disorders, since it describes me and my undiagnosed ADHD perfectly. Which is why I don’t feel that this is something I can parent him through effectively.

So I’d really like to have him see a therapist of some sort, but I’m wondering if I should find someone who specializes in ADHD or in eating disorders. The articles I’ve read here all speak to how ADHD medications can help with eating disorders, so that’s a new twist for me too.

I’d really appreciate any advice or thoughts you’d all be willing to share.


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