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ADHD at School

7 days on & 7 days off meds?

I have joint custody of my son with his father. His father is VERY anti meds but agreed to a non-stimulant. Several MD/Child Psychologist/Child Psychiatrist later; I was provided a prescription for a non-stimulant for our son for me to give him when he’s with me for school (M-F). However, his father is not going to do the same.

Will this have the same effect even?

Will he “come off” the med and it be worse?

I read this med will make him sleepy too.

Confused, sad, & aggravated. Any help, please. Thank you.


As I asked on the other thread by the same name—what non-stimulant will he be taking?  The non-stimulants are all quite different as far as how much effect not taking them during the weekend will cause (or will it be 7 days on & 7 days off)?

Posted by BC on Mar 07, 2014 at 5:50am

Such behaviors by the Father would give you an exceptionally strong case for sole custody.  Yo-yo-ing meds like that can be very bad to devastating, depending on the drug taken.

Your husband is putting his own preconceived and erroneous ‘feelings’ about meds above the well-being of your child

Act.  If he fails to tow the line as per doctor’s orders, take him back to court. Also, get a recording of him saying what he does about medication.  Nothing more fun than to hear them lie on the stand and then have them hear, in their own words, saying the exact opposite.  It’s devastating*  Me doing so was instrumental in my getting sole custody of my daughter.

* = Make sure you can ‘one party’ record in your state.  Here is the list of States that allows seruptious recording by one party of a conversation:

Posted by LakeLife on Mar 09, 2014 at 5:13am

I’m so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this.  How infuriating it must be for you!  If you have, other than regarding this issue a decent level of communication with your ex, I would suggest that you ask him to watch the video of Dr. Russel Barkley posted here on this site.  In it he explains the biology of ADHD so well that “anti-med” folks can see that meds correct a biological deficit, not mask a problem. All I know is this, my husband and I have had a tug of war going on for 2 years about giving my son a stimulant.  I would, he would not. I asked him to watch this video and he got it.  (Thank God!)  I guess you could give your ex a long list of the difficulties your child has, with school, with social situations, how it is affecting his self-esteem and sense of himself, etc. and ask him to just watch it without making any agreement to change his mind with the argument that, “The more information we BOTH have as parents can only help us support our child.”  Perhaps he’ll listen to reason.  If he won’t I agree with LakeLife. Document all communication you have with him so you can show a court that he is not even willing to learn more about a disorder that your child has and is making decisions based on an uneducated personal opinion.  If a child has ADHD and gets inconsistent care and support that neglect can affect his future success in life on SO many levels.  Make SURE you have a lot of info about the biology of ADHD ready for court.  Too many people think it is just a sign of chaotic or bad parenting.  Good luck!

Posted by Christennj on Mar 20, 2014 at 5:29pm

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